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Selfie! Selfie! Selfie!!! What are the best selfie apps? Some people love taking selfies and wants to show their friends what they are doing currently. Today’s generation is busy in taking selfies and wants to post on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat as quickly as they can.

Best Selfie Apps

Taking selfie is not bad actually but you should be cautious while taking selfies as we have heard at many occasions in the past on newspapers and television where selfies have taken the life of many people hence you should avoid risky selfies.

Whether you accept or deny selfies are part of our daily lifestyle and you can see people get delighted when taking selfies. Some people love taking selfies every day while others completely hate.

You can find people taking selfies when eating food, doing shopping, watching movies, playing games. Selfies are beautiful actually but if you want to modify your picture then you have to use selfie editing apps.

According to research, it was found that “A good selfy can boost the confidence of people.”

Sometimes the front camera is not flawless enough to shoot pictures even with an iPhone hence you should try the below apps in order to edit your photos, remove unwanted objects, add the text, effects, and filters.

5 Best Selfie Apps of 2018 for iPhone

  1. Camera 360

Camera 360 is an app developed by PinGuo Inc. The app has more than 800 million users and won 2 awards for 2 consecutive years in a row.

Camera 360


  • The beauty & photo filters of these apps can enhance your visual experience. You will fall in love with the home page of this app
  •  You can add some creativity like adding stickers, effects to make the picture funny
  •  A fantastic challenge option is waiting for you. You can try 3d stickers and enjoy videos.
  •  Test the beauty camera of this app which lets you create big eyes, whiten tooth, charming lips,     slim nose, and small face.
  •  More than 100 photo filters are available.

You can also contact seller at support@pinguo.us  for more information.

Price:- Free

2. Camera +

As per the owner of the app more than 10 million copies are sold and people are in love with this app.

camera plus


  • Up to 6X Zoom Feature
  • Front Flash option lets you take photos even in a dark room
  •  Different Scene modes are available such as Food, Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach, and many more.
  •  Beautiful effects can enhance the look and feel of your photograph
  •  Share your photos directly with your friends
  •  Different  types of shooting options
  •  Other options such as crops, borders, and captions
  •  Clarity filter add lightening effect to your selfies

Price:- $2.99 on iPhone and $4.99 on iPad

3.  Beauty Plus

One of my favorite apps among all the apps of iPhone is beauty plus and already declared as one one of the best selfie apps by millions of people.

beauty plus selfie editing apps

The beauty plus feature of this photo lighten your photo, remove all the dark spots.You can adjust the tone, contour and apply multiple effects that can make you beauty king or queen.

Price:- Free

4.  After Light

Afterlight is one of the best and easy photo editing app that lets you quickly edit your favorite photograph within few seconds.

after light


  •  15 Adjustment Tools
  •  79 Filters
  •  78 Textures
  •  Multiple cropping and transforming tools
  •  128 Frames

Price:- Free

You can contact the owner on after light.us@afterlight if you have any questions regarding the app

5. Microsoft Selfie

A selfie enhancement apps available on IOS, Web, and WeChat. This app uses computer vision technology in order to age, gender, skin tone, lighting and many other factors within one single click

microsoft selfie


  • Intelligent Portrait Enhancement: Intelligently finds age, skin tone, gender to upgrade selfies for better results.
  • Noise reducing Feature – Take selfies even in poor lighting
  • Auto exposure option – Improve the quality of photos

Price:- Free

Final Conclusion:-

On social media, you can find people taking funny selfies or some sexy selfies But these best selfie apps let you edit your photos, remove objects which you don’t like and gives your selfie complete new look.

We request you to please let us know in comments which is your favorite selfie app and if you are already using these apps then which is the best selfie editing app that you are using.

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