10 Expressive ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, EVEN IF APART

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Mothers Day

Never in the history of Humankind have so any people been indebted to a few as they are to mothers. They are special people who deserve praise and admiration from the whole world. Our mothers make our life better each day as she know everything about our likes/dislikes and we believe nothing beats sharing the fantastic day with your mum. Yet, several circumstances hinder us from spending the lovely day together. If you live miles away from your mom, well, don’t worry, we got you covered. 

“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” —Marion C. Garretty

Here are a few expressive ways to make the day memorable from far

1. Send her a card 

Gift Card

Like Mother’s Day flowers, cards have been used for a long to express our love. Whether you buy a card or design one, this is one thing she’ll appreciate. If you draw doodles, you used to draw as a kid, and she will like the gesture. 

2. Make a Video Tribute

 Do you have a video camera? Record a short but inspiring video message. Make it exciting and engaging; send it to her. You can play a video message over and over. Video messages can compensate for the Distance by supplying an audio and visual feel. 

3. Send flowers


Everybody loves flowers out of the blue. Send your mom a bouquet of fresh Mother’s Day flowers in the morning. If you cannot get new Mother’s Day flowers, it is always possible to get plastic ones. The most important thing is the gesture. Choose a beautiful set to brighten up her morning. Attach a card with a special message. 

4. Make a voice call

There is no voice as soothing as mom’s voice. Get the peace and soothe your Mother’s Day as you wish your mom a happy Mother day. A voice call is a double gift to both of you. Call your mum and show your gratitude and shower her with love. 

5. Organize her a day out 

Distance may separate you, but it should stop the fun. Buy tickets to a concert, a movie theatre. Send access to her favorite bands’ event. Look for the best spa, restaurant, or hairdresser close to her. Every corporation can give her a special note or give her a small gift of your choice.  

6. Deliver her a meal


 Love it or hate it, one opinion most mom’s wish for a break from cooking and cleaning up. Having dinner delivered to them has the charms of Mother’s Day flowers. You can order take out from fast-food chains or restaurants. It goes beyond the sumptuous meal; treats like chocolate can put a smile on her face. 

7. Send her a letter

Most of our moms lived during the glory days of letter writing. Rather than sending her Mother’s Day flowers, top it with a handwritten note. Put on your inner writer and pour out your love to mum. Write to her, appreciating her for all her efforts and sacrifice. 

8. Host a virtual happy hour

Virtual Hour

 Host a meeting on any video calling app such as Zoom. Engage your Mother and come up with scheduled events like making cocktails.

9. Share an Online Activity 

Is there a fun activity you want to share with your mum? Have a video call where you get to share an online dance lesson or even cook. 

10. Make donations in her honor

Some gifts can rival Mother’s Day flowers. Making donations in someone’s name not only bolsters that person’s image. This creates a difference in the community. Organize a funds drive in your local community. Let your mum patronize the event. This a beautiful tradition that can go a long way even if your mum is diseased.

Final Conclusion

Mother’s Day is all about giving for the sake of the mothers. Sharing gifts like Mother’s Day flowers, gift cards have been a long and trusted way to make it up to our parents. It is always good to make the day memorable for our Mothers while they are still alive. Treating a mother is not payment for the efforts she made for us. Mother’s Day is an appreciation for a person who should have a holiday all year round. If you plan to make a day for mothers, consider choosing any of the activities discussed. Remember all mothers around you. Anyone who has the role of a mother should be made unique. Every day should be Mother’s Day.