Give Life to Your Photos Using Photorelive Photo Retouching Services

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Why do we take pictures? Because we want the moment to be frozen in time and last forever, right? Some of us like to dabble with photo editing software and work on the retouching and filters ourselves. 

But quality will always be an issue. And when it comes to old and worn-out photos, the process gets complex and labor-intensive.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone do it for us?

Photorelive offers photo retouching and restoration services for affordable prices. You can now keep your memories intact for a longer time by extending the life of each photo and making it look as new as possible.

Sneak Peek into Photorelive Photo Retouching Services

Photorelive Photo Rectouching Services

Photorelive has more than 13 years of online experience in retouching and restores photos for clients. The team consists of professional experts who promise to deliver the completed project in just 24 hours. 

With more than 20,000 clients who love their work, Photorelive has gained popularity as one of the recommended service providers in the market. 

Services and Pricing you can go for

The company offers eight levels of photo retouching services to choose from. 

1.Basic Service: Basic retouching and skin airbrushing. This is used for pictures taken in studios or indoors like home, office, library, etc. The service for each photo costs $3. 

2.Basic Extra Service: Additional services like removing glare, face slimming, editing the background, etc., are provided in this service. It costs $8/photo. 

3.Wedding Service: Outdoor wedding pictures are retouched to sharpen or soften the impact, correct the color saturation, removing red eyes, cropping the images, basic skin retouching, etc. It costs $1.50/ photo. 

4.Color Correction: Adjusting the color contrasts, cropping the images for clarity, etc., are done. The cost is $0.30/photo. This service is suitable for photos that need minor touchups. 

5.Extensive Service: Includes basic services plus two more from a given list of edits (slimming, makeup retouching, removing/adding objects or people, resizing face and body features). It costs $8/photo. 

6.Extensive Extra Service: You can choose more than two types of edits from the given list. You’ll have to pay $10 per photo. 

7.Deluxe Service: This service includes higher complexity levels of photo editing and restoration. It is used by professionals to enhance pictures of models, real estate, products, locations, damages, etc. It is also used by those who want their old photos restored. It costs $16/photo. 

8.Deluxe Extra Service: This includes additional services like full-color restoration, photo collages, photo manipulation, adding special effects, converting pictures to cartoons, and so on. Each photo costs $25.

How to Avail the Photorelive Services 

Whether you want a couple of pictures enhanced or opt for full-fledged old photo restorations, start by creating an account on the company website. 

  • Login to your account, go to the Order Now page, and select the required services. 
  • Then upload the pictures you want to be edited (or drag-drop them from the folder). 
  • Give detailed instructions about what you want them to do. More details you provide, the better the results. You can also upload a photo for reference and mention it in the instructions. 
  • Next, proceed to the payment page and pay the amount. 
  • After 24 hours, the edited and restored photos will be delivered to your account. 
  • What if you want revisions? Naturally, you might want a few minor tweaks, right? The company offers free revisions for 7 days from the date of delivery. 

Benefits of Using Photorelive

  • Fast deliveries in 24 hours 
  • Data security- your photos will be safe with them  
  • Experience of 13 years 
  • Monthly discount plans for recurring clients

Professional agencies need regular photo retouching services. The company has created a discount policy where the discount percentage depends on the amount of the previous month’s order.

Final Conclusion 

If you have any dull, blurry, and torn pictures of your loved ones hidden in a secret drawer, it’s time to take them out and give the pictures a new lease of life. Our team members have opted for a different service and are very happy with the results. One of the teammates looked rather cute as a child. 

Who doesn’t like it when cherished memories are brought alive by artful retouching and restoration of photos? Photorelive is a trustworthy service provider that adheres to the promised timeline. 

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