Obor Desk Review 2023:- Dropshipping Made Easy (Updated)

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Obordesk - Dropshipping Made Easy

No doubt Dropshipping is a popular business model among retailers. If you are a  marketer or an entrepreneur who only knows how to market the product and focus on selling but don’t want to keep track of the inventory and shipping then you can start a dropshipping business today.

As per Grand view research “The Global dropshipping market size is expected to reach USD 557.9 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 28.8%.”

Dropshipping allows business owners to accept eCommerce orders without maintaining stock at hand. The entrepreneur takes orders from customers and sends the details directly to manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, etc., who ship the goods directly to customers. 

But how do the suppliers send the goods to customers? They have a supply chain and logistics system in place to streamline the process. However, managing the supply chain network is not as easy as it sounds. Handing the task to third-party providers reduces stress, delays, and loss. 

Start using Obor Desk today if you are planning to start a drop shipping business as they handle every step of the order fulfillment process so that you can dedicately focus on your business.

About Obor Desk 

Obor Desk was founded in 2018 to provide a foolproof solution for dropshippers to find reliable suppliers and ship packages to customers. The company currently ships more than fifteen thousand packages a day. It relies on automation and advanced tools to streamline the supply chain for the clients. 

Why Obor Desk?

  • Free product sourcing
  • Automate dropshipping using powerful tools 
  • Help expand the business operations and target market 
  • Provide branding strategies to establish the business 
  • Quality control to ensure that only the best products reach the customers 
  • Speed up shipping and delivery to enhance customer satisfaction 
  • Payment processing 
  • Custom branding of the packages 
  • A dedicated account manager to handle the requirements of each business 
  • Bundle packaging to save costs 
  • Tracking the orders and providing data analytics 

How Obor Desk Works?

Obor Desk automates not one or two but eight vital steps in the supply chain.

Step 1.) Integration 

The first step is to integrate Obor Desk software with your default marketplace. Then, the business owner can manage all orders and payments from Obor Desk’s dashboard. 


Step 2.) Sourcing


Obor Desk will search for the best suppliers/ wholesalers to source the products ordered by customers. This reduces pressure on the dropshipper to constantly look for suppliers who can give a better deal. 

Step 3.) Branding 

The platform brands the dropshipping business to give it a definite identity and credibility in the business market. It allows owners to promote their business and expand into more markets. 

Step 4.) Purchasing 

The platform also purchases the ordered products from suppliers and manufacturers for the best price. After all, dropshippers need to ensure enough margin to run their business. 

Step 5.) Quality Control 

Quality is the most important aspect of any business. Customers will not repeat orders if they aren’t happy with the product/ packaging quality. Obordesk manual inspection process to ensure we check each product carefully by hand.

Step 6.) Inspection and Packaging 

The products are inspected a second time and packaged using the dropshipper’s branding material before sending them to customers. 

Step 7.) Stocking 

Where will the order items be stocked or held before shipping? Obor Desk takes care of it. Clients can pre-order products and store it in our warehouse, and can access their purchases anytime virtually.

Step 8.) Shipping 

Finally, the packages are transported to customers and delivered in a quick time. The entire process is monitored to avoid delays or issues. 

Order Fulfillment Software


The eCommerce order fulfillment software has a simple and easy interface that can be used by any dropshipper. The business owner can update product details/ pictures, send payments, edit customer addresses, and do much more from the same interface. Business owners just have to create an Obor Desk account and integrate the platform with their marketplaces. Start managing the orders, payments, and deliveries using a single platform/ software.  

Third Party Integration 

Obordesk Integration

Obor Desk is limited to only a handful of dropshippers or retailers. The platform can be integrated with many marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, eBay, and Big. A business owner on either platform can use the Obor Desk app/ tool to automate order management, packaging, branding, and shipping. 

Business Branding 

Dropshippers also require branding services. Obor Desk adds the business branding (logo, brand name, etc.) on the packages shipped from the suppliers to customers. The company also brands other business materials to provide customers with an enriching experience of unboxing the deliveries. 

To Sum Up 

Obor Desk is a comprehensive one-stop service provider to automate and manage dropshipping businesses on several marketplaces. The company speeds up the packaging, branding, and shipping process to deliver the orders to customers in a short time. 

Obor Desk works with dropshippers from around the world and helps them gain a competitive edge over other businesses in the market. It is a seamless solution that allows dropshippers to focus on growing their business by managing the supply chain process behind the scenes. Obor Desk is a go-to choice for any dropshipping business. 

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