5 Best YouTube Promotion Services in 2024 – (100% Real & Legit) 

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YouTube Promotion Services

YouTube is considered the second biggest search engine and is a great place to attract users to your business. It has more than two billion users, and people spend about forty minutes per day on YouTube on average. 

However, the platform already has millions of active channels with huge followers. How does a relatively new channel get the same visibility and views on YouTube? You can invest in paid promotions, but wouldn’t it be good to have a long-term plan? 

After doing 5 hours of research we found these are the 5 best YouTube promotional service providers. They have clients from different niches and have delivered the expected results. 

Best Youtube Promotion Services

1.) UseViral

UseViral is among the largest social media marketplaces that provide high-quality promotional services. You can buy views, likes, watch time, and subscribers for your YouTube channel from this service provider. They have robust safety measures to ensure that you will not be flagged or penalized for using paid services to promote your channel and boost its visibility. 

The company offers customized services based on your requirements. It’s important to use the right marketing strategy based on your niche and target market. The process is simple and involves three steps- select a package or talk to the support team, provide your details, and get back to work. The team will handle the rest. The company is particular about confidential information and doesn’t ask for passwords. 

2.) Sprizzy

Sprizzy is a US-based company that exclusively offers YouTube promotion services. It was founded in 2016 and has 1,500,000+ customers. The company helps you create subscriber-focused Google Ads in three simple steps. The best part is that the process takes only a few minutes. You also get to see real-time analytics to measure the results. 

Talk to the Sprizzy team about your target audience and share information about your business. The team will create highly-targeted YouTube Ads based on the given keywords and competitor details. This will bring more views, likes, and subscribers to your channel. The company believes in growing the subscription rate organically by sharing ads and content that will appeal to the target market. 

3.) VidOrange

VidOrange is a US-based paid YouTube promotion service provider that brings more subscribers and audience to your channel. Just create an account on the website to promote your YouTube channel using legit means. The company will create and run targeted Google or Facebook ads for the video to increase its reach and visibility. You don’t have to do anything except sign up on the VidOrange website and tell the team what you want for your business. 

The company’s strategy allows you to attract an audience from any country. The target market is not a cause of concern in delivering the results. It focuses on creating ads to bring organic growth to your YouTube channel and provides real-time data with screenshots as proof. VidOrange offers fast yet organic services to increase YouTube subscribers. 

4.) Utify

Utify is a Google Partner and provides services to promote your YouTube channel using Google Ads. The company targets users based on your niche to bring organic visitors to the channel. Though it works with different clients, Utify is a good choice for bloggers and business establishments. It provides a detailed marketing strategy to promote your brand instead of simply increasing views for a video. 

Utify uses video analytics to choose the most compelling videos and create an equally compelling ad for the target audience. It uses an advanced algorithm to ensure that the videos are similar to user preferences. Then, it starts the campaign and manages everything. The company also provides detailed reports with measurable results. 

5.) Prodvigate

Prodvigate is a Google Partner that promotes your YouTube channel for budget-friendly prices. The company uses only YouTube ads to bring the target audience to your channel and increase visibility. It has helped more than 18k channels increase the subscriber count and become popular.

You start by creating an account on the website and adding payment information. Enter your YouTube channel details and start the promotions. The dashboard provides up-to-date information to track the progress. Prodvigate promises real likes and subscribers. No need to worry about bots or fake views. The company uses A/B testing to optimize the videos and increase its reach. You can directly consult the team and managers. 


Using YouTube promotional services is not illegal if you choose Google Partners or recognized service providers. The companies use tools approved by YouTube to take your channel to the target audiences and bring organic subscribers, views, likes, and comments. You can also choose a package that fits your budget. 

Whether you want to be an influencer or establish your business online, use YouTube promotional services to create brand authority on the second-largest search engine.