Konigle Review: Shopify Store Management Made Easy 

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Konigle - Seller Tools

Small business owners are hard-pressed for time. Multitasking is not easy with a growing business at hand. Running a Shopify store is easy enough, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Automated tools can take care of recurring tasks so that you can focus on the core aspects of your business. 

Issues like manual bulk price editing, tracking and managing inventory, and avoiding deadstock can take up too much of your time and can affect your profit margin. Investing in reliable tools to automate these actions will reduce workload and stress. Konigle offers a comprehensive solution by providing a set of tools to streamline your online business under one app.

In this review, we’ll explore the features and benefits of using Konigle to manage a Shopify store

Konigle Overview – Seller Tools

Konigle provides a collection of online tools for online sellers. Bulk Price editing, Inventory management, deadstock prevention and margin protector are just some of the strategies offered by the platform.

Headquartered in Singapore, Konigle is used by online merchants in over 50 countries.The company helps solopreneurs and business owners streamline their eCommerce operations to save time and increase profit margins, using a collection of highly efficient tools developed by the team. 

Konigle Tools for Business Owners 

1.) Bulk Price Editor

This tool allows you to create and run promotions, manage the prices of the listed products, and send SMS alerts to customers with just a few clicks. The tool lets you set the prices (increase and decrease) in bulk. There’s no need to change the price for each product on the list one at a time. Make bulk changes to the price using the Bulk Price Editor tool

2.) Prevent Deadstock

No business owner wants to be left with deadstock in the inventory. Why wait until the last minute? The Inventory Management Tool keeps track of the inventory and the corresponding costs. It enables custom pricing to clear old stock on time. Furthermore, the tool can also convert the currencies for the orders. You don’t have to calculate currency conversions separately. 

3.) Margin Protector

A slight change in the cost of third-party services can affect your margins. The Margin Protector tool prevents this and keeps your margins safe. This tool is perfect for Shopify Dropshippers. 

4.) Charm Pricing Tool 

Many marketing books have highlighted the theory behind pricing a product with .99 at the end. The Charm Pricing tool automates this by setting a price with .99 or .95 at the end for each item on the list. You don’t have to do it manually. 

5.) Store-wide Flash Sale

Flash sales are an attractive marketing strategy to clear pending inventory and increase sales. However, planning a flash sale can take too much time. With Konigle’s Flash Sale tool, you can take care of everything in less than ten minutes. This includes sending SMS alerts to customers about the sale. 

6.) Checkout Optimiser

Over 60% of checkouts in a typical store are discarded and another 25% are abandoned.  This tool helps a Shopify Store understand which products are getting discarded and from which countries. It also sends SMS reminders to help convert abandoned carts and improve your profits.

7.) Customer Loyalty Pricing

Offering your repeat customers preferred pricing is the best way to not only offer a great customer experience, but also increase Customer Life Time Value (LTV). 

This tool helps any store to set rules and automatically offer discounts for repeat customers, moreover, the tool also sends periodic emails and SMS to your customers, informing them how much money they have saved by buying regularly from you.

Third-Party Integrations with Shopify Stores 

Konigle has separate tools that allow you to integrate the Shopify Store with QuickBooks and Xero. 


QuickBooks is a powerful business accounting software. Use Konigle to connect your Shopify profile with the software and automate data export for record keeping.


Xero is another business accounting software in the market. Connect your Shopify Store to the app and customize exporting to prevent sync issues. 


You can also connect the store with Discord to send alerts on different servers. If you use Discord as a communication and promotional channel for your business, use this tool to attract new customers, share alerts, cancel orders, and post updates from the same interface. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Makes it easy to run promotions
  • Can edit prices quickly 
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Smart integrations for third-party management 
  • Stops price fluctuations 
  • Time-saving and easy to use 


  • The interface can be more user-friendly 
  • The language support needs more work 

Final Words

Konigle is a one-stop solution for Shopify Store owners. It is suitable for SMBs and large organizations. Konigle can also be integrated with Shopify Plus, Magento, Shopee, and Salesforce.

The company deeply cares about online merchants and that shows how the company provides great customer service and is always ready to assist you with the tools. Maximize returns by automating business operations using Konigle. The app is available on Shopify App Store. A free plan is also available.  

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