DSers Review: Is Dropshipping on WooCommerce Easier with DSers?

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Dropshipping is fast becoming a popular trend in today’s world. Dropshipping is where a seller doesn’t stock the products they wish to sell. The seller takes orders and hands them over to a third-party, who will fulfill the orders by delivering them to customers.

Developed in 2018 DSers is a well-known online order management platform that is available for dropshippers to manage their business. DSers has officially partnered with AliExpress to allow users to whitelist their business on AliExpress and get the access to some of the best features such as-

  • Bulk order placing (100+ orders with a single click)
  • Place unlimited amount of orders without restriction
  • Trending product recommendations 
  • Manage Multiple stores from your single Dsers account
  • Automatic Synchronization of tracking numbers
  • Auto Update order status
  • Automatic Updates( Price and Stock)
  • Select your favourite shipping method according to order destination

What you need to do is create an account with DSers to enjoy the unlimited benefits it offers. It is a commission-free platform and has been serving thousands of users. DSers has gained a lot of experience from Shopify and has now decided to enter the WooCommerce market. 

This decision by DSers is being embraced by users. . Those who were worried about DSers’ absence on WooCommerce are now happy to find the platform in that market. Become a part of the dropshipping community and Install DSers Now . 

Why Choose DSers 

Imagine placing hundreds of orders with just one click. Wouldn’t you save a lot of time and energy? DSers offers that and much more. You can verify the selected orders, check the shipping method and time, and then hit confirm. Of course, you will have to make the payment for the orders once the processing is done. 

You will be automatically redirected to the AliExpress page where you can pay for the orders. And guess what? You can pay for up to 30 orders at once. 

Setting Up a DSers Account for WooCommerce (Step by Step)

2 Ways to Install Dsers

A.) If you are running an online store on Shopify then you can download here by clicking on the link and add APP button

B.) If you don’t have shopify store then click Sign up with DSers using an email id and password.

Once your account gets registered, you will be notified about it via email, where you will be redirected to a page where you will be taken to a page and asked to choose your preferred platform for dropshipping. 

At this stage, you have to select WooCommerce. Then you will have to enter the information about your business and the domain name of your website. Once the website address is verified, WooCommerce will provide DSers authorization so that you can fill in the details of the business and link the account with your online store. 

This simple process hardly takes any time. After the linking is complete, you will be redirected to the DSers page. Henceforth, the orders will be automatically synchronized so you can see the status of an order in real-time. You can Install DSers Now as a WordPress plug-in to your website’s dashboard.  

Get Whitelisted on AliExpress 

The best part about DSers order management platform is that you can link your WooCommerce account to AliExpress and get Whitelisted with it. 

Click on the button that says ‘Link to AliExpress’. Allow authorization to your DSers’ account and then click on the ‘Apply for whitelist’. Submit the account details and gain access to various exciting features that will make it super easy to handle your dropshipping business from a single platform. 

Features Offered by DSers 

Using WooCommerce through DSers is probably the easiest way to manage your business. DSers regularly adds new features and improves the existing ones to make the platform user-friendly. 

  • Analyze products and their sales volume to decide if adding a specific product to your selling list will be beneficial or not and find products based on your previous purchase history.
  • When you manually add products (usually the different variants of it), you might have to map them properly through AliExpress. You need to select the variant listed by the supplier that matches with what you’ve mentioned on WooCommerce.
  • What if the product is not available through the supplier? Add another supplier who offers the variant you sell. 
  • Promotional offers generally bring more customers, right? Creating promotional orders is easy using DSers. BOGO is one such feature. It’s the Buy One Get One free offer.  It allows user to save money as they don’t need to use other plugins that will charge them just to create special promotions
  • Similarly, you can create a bundle of products for a discounted price. You can add up to 5 products from 5 different suppliers when creating a bundle. 
  • Set the shipping method you prefer (national and international) using the advanced shipping setting. 
  • And finally,  access the Chrome extension  and add it to your web browser. Using this extension you easily import new products from AliExpress.
  • DSers automatically including a tracking link in the email sent to customers about their orders that will save your valuable time and money as with Woocommerce you need to install the additional plugin to send the tracking URL to clients

Dsers Pricing

Yes Dsers offers free plan available (Forever Plan) but with limited features. Apart from this Dsers offers 3 other plans (Standard/Advanced/Pro) with all the advanced features that helps you to take your small business to next level.

You can easily integrate popular ecommerce platforms Woocommerce & Shopify with any of the above plans.

Let’s explore the plans:-

Forever Free- Basic Plan

  • Supplier Optimizer
  • Synchronized PayPal account tracking
  • Chrome Extension 
  • Multi-language support
  • Automated Pricing
  • Import Lists
  • Bulk Orders
  • Automated Tracking Number
  • Shipping Method Selection in advance
  • Basic Mapping
  • Hide Product
  • Product Limit (3K per account)
  • Store limit – 3
  • Order Limit – Unlimited

Standard ($1.99/month)

In addition to all the above features Automatic Inventory Update is the new feature added in the standard plan.

Here you will get product limit of 7500 products per account + Store Limit(5)

Advanced ($19.9/month)

Advanced Mapping, BOGO/Bundle Mapping, Affiliate are the additional features added, rest all the features are same which are in Basic plan

Here you will get product limit of 20000 products per account + Store Limit(10)

Pro ($49.9/month)

Advanced and Pro has the same features apart from the product limit which is increase to 75000 and store limit (25)

All the above plans include 14 days free trial

We recommend you to go for annual plans to save some cash.

Dsers Pros:-

  • Cost Effective Solutions for your business:- From Free version to pro version you can choose plan as per your requirement 
  • Super Simple and Easy to use
  • Advanced Tracking system
  • Manage multiple stores
  • Choose your preferred shipping method
  • With Oberlo & Dropified you can process 40 to 70 orders per hour but uisng Dsers application you can process much more orders

Dsers Cons:-

  • Support for only Woocommere and Shopify 

Final Conclusion 

You can manage your dropshipping business with ease and efficiency by becoming a DSers user. With DSers entering the WooCommerce market and being an official partner of AliExpress, it’s just a matter of time before your business reaches new heights. Access, monitor, and control every aspect of the business on one of the most efficient online order management platforms in the market.