AppMySite’s Agency’s White-label Solution: No-Code App Builder for Business Use

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No-code apps are gaining popularity due to their ease of development and use. Instead of hiring a software developer, you can use platforms like AppMySite to build applications for web and mobile devices. What if your agency is offering no-code app development services? 

AppMySite has come up with a White-label solution for agencies. The company provides customized rebranding solutions for agencies to cater to diverse clients and offer cost-effective services to create quick and easy apps. Let’s review the services in detail. 

AppymySite Overview 

AppMySite is a SaaS no-code app development platform. Business owners can develop web and mobile apps, convert a website into an app, build WordPress and WooCommerce apps, build native apps for Android and iOS, and design custom apps (without a website) based on their requirements. 

The company simplifies the process of building and deploying an app by eliminating coding and testing requirements. It can be used by individual businesses, agencies, and industries. AppMySite recently launched an Agency white-label product for resellers and agencies that can customize the solutions and provide no-code apps to their clients. 

How it Works 

AppMySite’s White-label service requires just three steps. 

Step 1:- Create an Account 

Create your agency on the AppMySite website to access the White-label services. You can host your own domain so that your clients can use it. 

Step 2:- Rebrand the Platform

Customize the platform and interface to add your logo, brand image, color scheme, etc. Rebrand the AppMySite platform into your agency’s platform. Everything can be customized, including the plug-ins, email domains, and much more. 

Step 3:- Sell Your Services 

Once your agency is established, start selling no-code app development services to your clients. Add your clients to the dashboard with a single click. Track progress and stay up to date 24/7. You can add unlimited clients to your agency’s dashboard. 

Powerful Features 

AppMySite Agency’s White-label app builder come with some wonderful features to appeal to various clients. Not only can you rebrand the platform, but you can also provide customer support directly and manage your clients from a single interface. 

1.) Host Your Domain 

Let your clients log in from your domain. Provide seamless hosting services by configuring the DNS to suit your requirements. Customer Management 

No need to create separate spreadsheets and trackers to manage your clients. Your agency’s dashboard will do it on your behalf. Access the list of clients and track various metrics like engagement rate, app count, etc. Know how your business is doing just by looking at the dashboard.  

2.) Direct Customer Support 

You can handle your clients directly without waiting for the tickets and queries to be routed through the company. Provide faster and more effective support services to enhance customer experience. 

3.) Branded WordPress Plug-ins 

Want to simplify the web-to-app connections for your clients? AppMySite allows agencies to brand the WordPress plug-ins so that your agency’s logo and brand name will reflect everywhere. Take your business into newer markets. 

4.) Collaborations 

Do you have a team of developers who need access to the agency account? It can be easily done. AppMySite White-label service for agencies allows team collaborations and multi-user logins. Assign roles and provide access accordingly. Streamline your projects and clients through the dashboard. 

5.) Multi-Industry Friendly 

The platform can be used to build no-code apps for businesses from various industries. Clients from food to education to entertainment, retail, healthcare, real estate, etc., will benefit from the services. Attract businesses from several industries to boost your agency. 

6.) eCommerce-Friendly 

AppMySite is a great choice for eCommerce businesses to build web and mobile apps. It can be seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce to convert an eCommerce website into a mobile app in a quick time. 

7.) Multi-Channel App Distribution 

Build native apps for web, Android, and iOS and distribute them on multiple channels like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Easy to set up and use 
  • Provides Multi-lingual support 
  • Useful features and add-ons 
  • Designed for non-tech users 
  • Website and mobile apps 
  • Compatible with most browsers 
  • Can send push notifications 
  • 60-days money back guarantee and no questions asked
  • Appmysite WordPress plugin to connect your website/app
  • Integrate any payment gateways
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Create apps and publish on both android/ios mobile


  • Not a good choice for complex apps

Final Words

AppMySite’s Agency White-label solution offers endless possibilities to reduce app development costs and provide extended services to clients. Agencies can control and customize the pricing and other offerings to increase business revenue. 

The company provides a solid foundation for startups and established agencies to boost their business without building everything from scratch. AppMySite is a comprehensive White-label solution for small, mid, and large app development agencies.