Google Calendar App for IPhone :- Google Calendar 2018 Updates

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Google Calendar App is flawless when managing your daily schedules whether you are a Small Business owner, Entrepreneur or Student although everyone can make use of this app according to their requirement. This App is completely free to install for IOS users but only works on IOS 10.0 or later and completely compatible for iPhone, Ipad and Ipod users. The app is pretty much easy to understand and you can easily operate the features once you install the app.

Google Calendar App

Benefits of Using Google Calendar App

• Schedule the list of events in advance and quickly check which events are approaching.

• Make a note of your meeting schedules so that you do not miss any of your important meetings.

• Adding daily task sheet let you remind what work you have done and what is left.

• Increase your productivity by sending a calendar invite to your clients which can save your lot of time.

• Access your calendar from any ios device.

• Ask for a response when you have fixed meeting with multiple clients so that you will get to know in advance who is attending the meeting.

• Synchronize your app with an outlook on your desktop.

I’m sure you will definitely fall in love and enjoy the features of Google Calendar App

1. Find a different way to view your calendar on the basis of the month, week and days.
2. All your scheduled events are directly added to the calendar from Gmail.
3. Set your Task to do list and quickly setup reminders as well.
4. To Achieve the goals in life you have to set up your goal.
5. Multiple Calendars

Google Calendar 2018 Updates

The Calendar is automatically updated on February 2018 so here are the few updates which are done in 2018:-

• You are going to notice completely new interface.

user interface

• Change the width and height so that it perfectly fits inside the window(Responsive design).You will find these options to change in density and color settings

color and density

• Add the name and time of the even by just using the add event button which is located in the bottom corner of the screen. Add guest and more events using the same button. You can see event details such as


1. The Guest List.
2. Rooms and locations.
3. Attachments (If any)
4. Video call links.

• The drop-down options allow to simply click the X to unsubscribe from a calendar by clicking on the 3 dot buttons

drop down menu

• New view options allow your calendar to show invitation status and calendar will remember the changes next time you sign in.

1. The solid color indicates that you are attending an event
2. Diagonal lines indicate that you may have answered maybe to an event
3. If you have not replied yet then you will see events outline
4. The event will be crossed out, you’ll only see the outline if you opt no option

• Manage all your settings at a single place in Google calendar 2018.


If you have not updated your Calendar in 2018 than here are the steps to follow:-

1. Go To Google Calendar through my UCA.
2. At the top and extreme right you will see new calendar option and once you click on that your calendar gets updated automatically.

Google Calendar 2018 Update

Remember you don’t have an option to switch back to the old calendar.

Final Conclusion

To manage your daily task and reduce the work just install the Google Calendar App and if you are already using then you can switch to Google Calendar 2018.

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