Power of Social Media – An Entrepreneur Generated whopping $7 Million

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The Power of Social Media

Social Media has created a huge impact on everybody’s life especially if we talk about last 5 years whether it’s a teenager, housewife, senior citizen or a working professional.Whether updating your favorite status on facebook to share with your friends or doing a tweet to let your dear ones know what you are doing.We can say that social media has the power to change the whole world and today is an age of social media.

Social Media Marketing

Back in 2014 on Father’s Day Jason Stone created a profile on Social Media first time and built 0 to 10,000 followers in a short span of time.Jason went on a trip to Orlando and deleted all his social media profiles thus leaving no option to get a single clue of finding him.

After returning from a mini vacation he found that his friend is making thousands of dollar every day just from a single Instagram post.

He immediately gets back to social media and activates his social media profiles although it took 6 months time to reach 100,000 followers but in just 1 year he surpassed 2.5 million dollars and you can’t believe but none of the users were paid.Stone understood the power of social media after generating $7 million sales from his massive followers and thus become the Millionaire Mentor.

Stone is enjoying a lifestyle which he has only seen in dreams and believes that with social media you can achieve what you think.

He said a whopping $7 million sales says everything about the power of social media.

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Facts and Figures

Recently our team did research to find out the monthly active users on social media sites and numbers are really unbelievable.

  • Facebook:- 2 Billion
  • Twitter:- 328 Million
  • Youtube:- 1.5 Billion
  • Instagram:- 700 Million
  • WhatsApp:- 1.2 Billion

5 tips to build a massive audience and use the power of social media to taste success and earn big.

  1. Define your niche.

Defining a perfect means your goal is decided as more then 50% of your work is done if you decide what you want to start and who is your target audience.

  1. Engaging Content

An engaging content creates a positive impact on your audience and helps you to gain the trust of your readers. A well-drafted content, amazing videos, awesome infographics could not stop your audience to follow you.

  1. Networking

Find a similar niche and collaborate with them. Build a group of niche similar to yours and see your hard work reduces to 50%.

  1. Understand your audience

The biggest challenge is to understand the audience hence you create a strategy what your reader want’s to know from you and if they have followed you on Instagram or Twitter that means they are ready to hear from you.

  1. Become a guide for your user

Help your reader’s as much as you can.Success and Happiness will kiss your feet if your audience understood that you are there to help him.

Final Conclusion.

Don’t ignore the ignore the power of social media as it can turn you into millionaire anytime if you have the well-defined target audience who is there to listen what you says.