Three Apps To Help You Obtain JPEG Or PNG Format From WEBP

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Conversion from webp to jpg or png becomes mandatory since the webp format isn’t supported by most image viewers. Developed by Google, this file format is a brilliant way to optimize website’s speed since it’s lightweight lossy file format meant for webpages in particular. 

But when viewing these files on a image viewer, the lacking native support decline the file open request. Therefore, it becomes important to make use of some webp to png converter online that help users convert all their webp files to the desired general file formats most preferably png or jpg. This article covers three important apps, which can get the job done with ease.

Any Webp– Webp To JPG/PNG Converter Online

This is a free web tool that quickly converts hundreds of webp to jpg and other popular image formats including png and gif. The processing is quick, fast, and simple, allowing users to get the job done in no time. No matter how many files need to be converted per batch, this application always works like a charm.

WebP Converter Online

It’s available online 24/7 for all the users globally. There are no restrictions on the usage and users can keep working as much as they like. Most process is automatic, demanding the least input from the users. This improves user experience. The interface is very user-friendly and there’s no way any user will be left clueless about how to get started. Still, in case of any queries, suggestions, or complaints, there’s a consumer care portal that’ll help out the users.

Steps To Use This Tool

Below are the quick steps to getting started with this tool.

Step 1:- Visit the official website on any device and any web browser.

Step 2. Drag and drop all the webp files in the section. Or else, click on the icon to browse the PC and select all the files for conversion. The upload process won’t initiate here.

Step 3. In case if the user believes that wrong files have been uploaded, simply click the “Remove all files” button and repeat the step 2.

Step 4. Once the files are selected, set the output format to jpg or png as desired.

Step 5. Set the size to 1 to preserve the dimensions.

Step 6. Set the quality to highest possible value from the list (preferably 1) to ensure no quality loss after conversion. However, increasing the size can lead to increased file size after the conversion, so be aware!

Step 7. When all the settings are tuned, click the “convert all webp” button to initiate the process. The files will be uploaded and upon successful conversion, they’ll be converted. Do not refresh or close the web browser at this moment.

Step 8. Click the download button to save the entire batch at once on the device. Repeat the guide to begin another batch of conversion.

OnlineConvertFree- A Brief Introduction

This is the second online tool in the list. Similar to any webp, this tool doesn’t demand signing up or logging in to continue. Simply visit the website and get started. It offers several output formats in addition to the general ones. The entire process is simple, fast and quick, allowing quick conversion.

Users can convert multiple files at once for free. The website can become a little messy on small screens so avoid using it on the mobile phones. Moreover, do not close the website or else the session will expire. If logged into the account, users can retrieve the converted files later even after closing the website.

Steps To Use This Tool

The steps to using this tool are as follows:

Step 1. Visit this website on the computer

Step 2. Click “choose file”. Browse and upload all the files that need to be converted.

Step 3. Alternatively, users can drag and drop the files on this section.

Step 4. There will be an option called “convert all to”. Click on it to open the settings list. Select “images” and choose the desired output file format. This will apply the same settings to all the files in the batch at once.

Step 5. To add more files, click “add more files” button, Make sure that the settings are set for all the images.

Step 6. Click convert. The processing will begin. When the files are ready to download, scroll down a little bit and there will be an option to download all the files in the batch.

Image Converter- Android Webp To JPG Converter

This is an Android webp to jpg or png converter that’s available for free for Android users. The interface is simple and user-friendly, allowing quick operation with ease. The lightweight app can still hang or freeze on some old models, so make sure the hardware requirements are fulfilled. Although the application is capable of converting several images per batch, but since it’s running on a small device with limited hardware, it’s highly suggested to convert images in small batches.

For instance, consider limiting the batch to no more than 10-15 files at once or else the app can crash. Moreover, since a mobile phone has a very limited storage space, ensure that there’s ample free storage space that’ll be occupied by the converted jpg or png files.

In Android 7.0 and above versions, the app might ask for several permissions, so don’t deny them. For the best results, make sure that the mobile phone has sufficient battery power. To stay on the safe side, plug the AC adapter before continuing since this process can consume a lot of power in some models.

Steps To Use This Tool

Please follow these steps to convert all the webp images to the desired file format on an Android phone for free.

Step 1. Visit this link in a mobile web browser 

Step 2. Download, install, and launch the app.

Step 3. If asked for permissions, allow all.

Step 4. Click on the plus button to add files. Select “Photos” and proceed with the on-screen guide.

Step 5. Once the files are selected, select the new format such as jpg or png.

Step 6. Tap the right arrow to proceed (on the top-right of the screen).

Step 7. Resize percentage = 100 and turn on convert using internet.

Step 8. Set the save location for all the files in the batch. SD card is preferred.

Step 9. Tap next to begin. Once done, visit the save location and ensure that the files were converted successfully.

Final Conclusion

There are several tools that offer the same functionality. The only difference is in terms of efficiency, user-friendliness and the speed of conversion. It’s highly recommended to use some online tools to avoid downloading additional software on the device, especially the AnyWebp which could convert WebP to jpg and jpg to WebP without uploading any images. Moreover, these web tools are platform-independent, so no matter what device you’re using, they’ll function well.