A Quick Guide To Outsourcing App Development in 2020

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Mobile app development can be a huge investment for your business, especially if you plan to develop it in-house. A lot of businesses hence opt for outsourcing mobile app development as it is done by specialists with a range of skills and the expertise of various businesses. In spite of the limited control that it offers, outsourcing mobile app development saves a lot of money and time.

Options For Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Outsourcing mobile app development gives you diverse options as they are specialists with a diverse range of skill with expertise in various businesses.

  • Freelance developers

One of the cheapest options, you can hire highly talented developers. But on the flip side, they have narrow specializations and may face difficulty in protocol adherence. Also, there might be a communication gap especially if it involves differing time zones. 

  • Off-the-shelf software

Again a less-expensive option, it is loaded with a lot of features and is quick to use. But this has a lot of limitations such as limited customization options, may not cater to your requirements, and no swift updates.

  • Dedicated app development agency

This is the most effective, efficient and organized way of developing an app. Apart from round-the-clock support, they also offer excellent technical solutions combined with a diverse set of specializations.

Criteria For Selecting An App Development Agency

Apart from the quality of work, scope of work, availability, and after-sales services, there are other technical criteria which an app development company should take care of:

  • Solid portfolio with strong references and examples of executed projects
  • Flexibility in domains such as user interface, Android, iOS, and web services
  • Well organized team and proactiveness to travel to your location if necessary
  • Good connectivity and resources to cater to your needs
  • Most importantly, they should abide by all laws and be genuine in their services

Ensure that the app development company doesn’t leak sensitive data and there is no mismatch in the delivery and expectation. This is largely based on user reviews.

Experience plays a key role in this. Companies like itCraft have over 10 years of experience and have completed over 200 projects. The biggest advantage of using the services of experts like itCraft is that they offer a wide range of services from app development to user interface designing to flutter app developments. 

The outcome of your product totally depends on the company’s portfolio. itCraft’s portfolio, for instance, includes giants like DHL, Sodexo, and Makro. Also, the reviews of the organization give a sneak-peek into the organization’s performance. Take a look at this review in Clutch for itCraft. Apart from the B2B info, you get genuine reviews, portfolio of the company and tentative pricing as well. 

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing mobile app development may seem to be a complex task, especially considering the number of options to choose from. But choosing a company like itCraft will be extremely beneficial for your business at a relatively cheaper cost. Check out this article to further read about how the pricing for outsourcing app development works.