CalendarBudget Review: Finance Budget Software to Track and Plan your Finances

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The world has always been on the hunt for a convenient and systematic approach to budgeting.

CalendarBudget is an app that makes organizing your money easy by letting you track and plan your budget.

It not only lets you record your current spending patterns but also lets you plan your budget for the long haul. It is the perfect app for those who need to keep track of urgent commitments like the monthly payment of bills. It is also very useful for you when you need to plan for future expenses and savings.

Here is a review of CalendarBudget that gives you key insights into the positive and negative dimensions of the app. This budgeting software that promotes intentional spending can help you plan your finances better in several ways, noted below. 

An Introduction to Calendar Budget – Finance Budget Software

The app is an online personal finance software that lets you both track and plan your spending. You can use it on your browser and mobile device, remaining in sync across devices. It is designed in the format of a calendar and has an easy-to-use interface that requires very little time to get used to.

With the monthly calendar provided by the app, you can add several bank accounts and track spending and balances across each. You can also set budgeting goals for the future by entering future upper limits on spending on the calendar.

For each day, you can make entries of the amount spent, and the calendar will display your end of the day balance based on these entries.

You can also set reminders for any pending payments accordingly. An interesting feature of CalendarBudget is that it lets you customize categories of spending and set a budget for each. These categories are coded in ways that their spending can be tracked and planned every month. For instance, each time a category of spending is selected, it is highlighted on the calendar so that you can see where your money has been going.

In a world where impulsive spending and debts reign supreme, CalendarBudget is an app that can help you spend intentionally and mindfully organize your money. 

Best Features of Calendar Budget

  1. Forecasting

The unique feature of CalendarBudget that customers swear by is the power given to the user to plan and organize budgets for the future. Given your current spending, the calendar lets you see your balance on day or month in the future.

This brings thought and mindfulness to spending and allows you to plan for future planned and unforeseen expenses.

This feature saves time by avoiding directionless guessing and instead of using the app to forecast balance and hence plan to spend.

2. Customization and Colour Coding

The app lets you enter your categories of spending, which may include house expenses, groceries, car expenses, etc. You can also add specific, meaningful colors to these so that they make sense to you and can be recognized at a glance. 

3.Interactive Reports

The app constructs interactive reports like pie charts so that you can visualize the categories and the corresponding spending. These are connected to the budget calendar. So, you can click on a category of spending on the pie chart to see the patterns of spending on your calendar.

This makes the app interactive and keeps it responsive to the way in which you spend your money. It hence promotes intentional spending.


You can run the best budget planning software in your web browser, android/ios device. Any edit or updates done in one place can instantly reflect everywhere and backup your data is done on the Calendar Budget secure server so no point of losing your precious data.


 Final words

CalendarBudget is a convenient budgeting and financial planning app to use as it allows you to both track current spending and plans future expenses on a single platform. The calendar interface makes tracking bill payments easy. The forecasts and visual reports bring your mind to your money to see exactly how it is being spent. By giving you the option to incorporate all of your bank accounts onto a single interface, the app is a holistic way to manage and plan your personal finances.