Keep Your Loved Ones Close with Avanlee Care: A Senior Care App 

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Avanlee Care - A Senior Care App

How many times have you worried about your older family members living far away from you? It’s not easy to manage your family, career, kids, and aging parents when living in different locations. You feel stressed, guilty and worried about whether they are safe and healthy. 

Hiring caregivers is a great option, but not for everyone. Your grandmother may not want anyone to help her out in her own home. Haven’t we heard of it before? Maybe the finances are a little too tight at the moment. But then, we can’t stop thinking about them either. 

Avanlee Christine went through similar experiences before she created this thoughtful app for caregiving families. Avanlee Care is what she built, after her family had to care for her ailing grandfather. Today, she uses the app to keep track of her grandmother’s health, no matter how far apart they are. You can do the same just by downloading the app. 

Avanlee Care is a free app (yes!) that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. It is a caregiver app where you add your family members and create a tiny virtual community to stay connected. You can track your aging parents’ daily routine and get alerts if they miss taking medicine on time.

Why We Love Avanlee Care App 

We were elated when we first heard of the app. It seemed like an answer to our situation. Grandma and grandpa live in their home, and we live in ours. Visiting them on weekends was fun until the pandemic messed it up. Even otherwise, we did miss a few trips due to other commitments. 

That’s when this mobile caregiver and medication tracking app came into our lives. We started with the free version to see if it really offered what was promised. Imagine our delight when the app became a favorite in our family.

There are so many things to love about this app:-  

Firstly, it’s private. We decide whom to add and connect in our virtual group. No outsider needs to know our personal details or medical conditions. 

Secondly, we could chat with each other through the app. Grandpa doesn’t like using too many apps, so this one works for us. He feels more comfortable, and so do many others we recommended the app. 

We can plan meetings and share pictures directly through the app. In fact, we even make video calls every day. It’s an all-in-one solution to stay connected with our seniors. 

We linked Avanlee Care app with the fitness trackers. Now, grandma and grandpa’s exercise schedule, the daily footsteps, heart rate, and other information are within our access in real-time. It’s a senior monitoring app without peeking into their private space. 


There’s a list of medicines they need to take throughout the day. The app sends alerts when things go out of routine. Why annoy your aging parents by repeatedly asking them about medication when you can directly track it through the app? 

It works great as a caregiver scheduling app. Add the medications to the reminders and schedule doctor appointments, health checkups, etc., to get reminders. 

Also, you’ll immediately know if there’s something not-so-right. You can contact them right away to confirm and make the necessary arrangements. 

Another aspect we love is the ease of use. The biggest concern for many of us is that our older parents may not know to use the app properly. After all, not all of them are pro at technology, and some don’t want to learn either. Luckily for all of us, the app is super easy. We set up the whole thing in around ten minutes. Teaching our grandparents was easy, too, though they did grumble a little. 

Live Support Too! 

Avanlee Care app has live support to help us at any time. All you need to do is click on ‘Ask Avanlee’ and chat with the experts. We used the feature more than a couple of times, and the support has been great. These kinds of things give us confidence that the app will keep us connected to our elders and help track their health at all times. 

Avanless Health Stats

It is also one of the best apps for dementia caregivers. We’ve recommended it to an aunt’s family, and they say it helps them immensely to keep a close eye on their father suffering from dementia. You could live in the same house and still use the app. Yep. 

Lastly, Avanlee Care also happens to be one of the cost-effective and affordable apps to track aging parents. You can choose from the free, essential, and premium versions, depending on your family size, requirements, and budget. No matter what, it won’t break the bank. 

Avanlee Care has life easy for us, and we hope it keeps family and their loved ones close and stress-free. 

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