Xiaomi Announces Qifeng Electric Sofa on its Youpin platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Chinese technology giant, one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones, Xiaomi, is trying to penetrate into all possible household products. Xiaomi has now launched a fundraising campaign on its co-financing platform, Youpin, to launch a new electric sofa. Though Xiaomi has launched sofa sets on its Youpin platform, this is not the first time it has created a campaign to crowdfund sofa sets. The new Qifeng Electric Sofa follows the same pattern as the 8H American Spring Fabric Sofa and Yang Zi Leather Sofa which were available for 1599 yuan and 2999 yuan respectively. 


The new Qifeng Electric Sofa starts at a very reasonable price of 1599 yuan which is roughly around $225. With a Nordic minimalistic style, the electric sofa is available in three different colors: gray, black, and white. The shades are sober and are colored in a way to match any kind of household interiors. 

The electric sofa makes use of high-elastic cotton and Thai latex that ensures maximum comfort and convenience for the users. Assembly is extremely simple and the Qifeng Electric sofa also supports recliner adjustment. The recliner adjustment has a comfortable range of 103 to 160 degrees to choose from. The biggest comfort of this sofa is that you can switch between sitting and lying position with the touch of a button. Just like the recliners, the retractable position under the legs raises during the supine position. 


The electric sofa is available on the Youpin platform in multiple configurations. The basic model is a simple reclining armchair and the other variants include sofa sets with up to 3 seats complete with an island. Just like many other appliances, the Xiaomi Qifeng Electric Sofa is available only in the Chinese market.