TikTok App blocked by Google in India, can’t download anymore

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TikTok App Banned in China

The very popular Chinese video app – TikTok, which recently became one of the most accessible apps in India, is no longer available in the app stores of Google and Apple. Yes, you read it right.

The app has been removed from the following play stores after the order from Madras High Court on April 3rd. Post the order the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology gave green signal to prohibit the download of the app in India.

TikTok was used, especially by the younger generation for creating and sharing short videos on various music clips, dialogues, and other entertaining clips. The app was available in the play store until Tuesday evening but is now not available on either of the play stores for download.


The main concern for banning this popular app from the Indian market is because of the petition by senior advocate, S. Muthukumar, which indicates that children using this app were more vulnerable to exposure by the sexual predators.

A spokesman of the TikTok Company in India denied to comment on the removal of the app from the play stores as the matter is still in the court. Although, he added that “the company is optimistic about the outcome of the matter which will be well received by millions of its users.”

Till now, TikTok has removed nearly 6 million videos that violated its terms for use in the Indian market. The company is also reviewing its content generated for the Indian users.

Following the further proceedings of the court case, the Supreme Court will hear the case on 22nd April. While the Madras High Court will attend the case on 16th April.

The Indian users are eagerly waiting for the decision of the court on the matter as it is one of the most popular apps.

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