Xiaomi Unveils Yunmi Internet Smart Refrigerator With 21-inch Display

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Xiaomi constantly has proved itself to be one of the most innovative companies out there. As a New Year surprise, the Chinese smartphone maker has gone beyond its forte of smartphones and smart TVs. Xiaomi with the vision of becoming one of the biggest IoT players globally has Yunmi Internet Smart Refrigerator in late December. Being a smart refrigerator, the highlight of the launch is the 21-inch full HD wide-angle large screen attached to the door of the refrigerator. Let’s dive into the features quickly.

Image Source:- Xiaomi


Showcasing the most spectacular feature, the internet refrigerator flaunts a large 21-inch IPS Full-HD wide-angle display at the front. The smart refrigerator has a T-type three-door design for great storage.


Xiaomi Internet Smart Refrigerator CapacityComing with three doors, the smart refrigerator has a capacity equivalent to 408L in total. It comes with a 182L freezer and offers a 95L variable temperature area as well, better than open-door and cross four-door refrigerators in the market. It also adopts a 360-degree air cooling cycle without manual defrosting, uniform cooling and long-term freshness.

Touch and Voice Feature

This magnificent display supports touch as well as voice control. Try asking questions like quick recipes, weather updates, latest news or temperature in the freezer. You can place orders for fresh products with one click and get them delivered to your home.


The fridge comes with support for MIJIA app which makes it possible to link up with your smartphones and other smart homes and IoT devices. Users can control the linked devices easily through voice.


The Yunmi Internet Smart Refrigerator retails for 5,999 ($857). However, it is currently on a discounted rate of yuan 3,499 ($500) on Xiaomi Youpin platform.

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