What Does AI Mean for the Future of Marketing?

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Artificial Intelligence

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Marketing focuses on quickly building the trust of a customer towards a product which the marketer is trying to sell to the customer. The marketers work on establishing a proper sync and a good relationship with the customer. The customers/users require more features or contents in a single product. Thus, their expectations are going high. For all these, a new tech-trend, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making things look easy.

Predictive nature

The key to artificial intelligence is data. With all the information available, it makes a prediction. By processing the wide data, it finally gives a confirmed decision. For predictive analysis, a US-based company uses this technology. It helps in modeling various needs and predicting the next move of the customer.

Constant companion

Targeting the audience or crowd is done based on their likes and dislikes. Last year, Sapientrazorfish and Microsoft joined hands to develop an AI-based solution. This was done for the global cosmetics retailer Sephora. This platform is called cosmos and it gathers all the shopping details of the customers. When they drive near shops, it indicates their favorite product on stock. It also gives constant updates on offers.


Titan is one the company which long back understood the need for personalized conversations. A chat-bot on e-commerce store was designed and executed. It conducted intelligent conversations automatically to capture customers’ attention and to bring new insight about their market. Globally, 61% of the marketing leaders feel AI can hyper personalize contents effectively.

Supporting channel

If an industry or company is currently not reachable, the users can chat with the AI. This paves way for the users to clarify their doubts and come out with better ideas. This way, this technology acts as a support channel.

A survey was conducted among 3,500 marketing leaders. This is the 4th annual state of marketing report. It clearly indicates that 51% of the marketers already started using AI. And 27% said that they will start using it within a year. This shows that AI is the present and future of marketing. The problem for that 27% of marketers was related to budget constraints, privacy concerns and lack of data scientist.

Final Thoughts

Marketers have to keep an eye on the changing technology and cope up with them to be a successful company. So, in this competitive world, artificial intelligence and machine learning helps in solving problems easily. In the future, AI is capable of creating a high experience for the customers at varied pathways. It could rule the marketing industry with great intelligence.

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