Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said - New Design is coming in Q1 2018 -

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said – New Design is coming in Q1 2018

Reddit is an American social news aggregation and discussion website started in 23 June 2005 by Steve Huffman headquarter in San Francisco, California, United States. Minimum then 3 million visitors visit Reddit everyday to join discussion on various topics and submit content such as links, text and images.You can find content on plenty of topics on Reddit such as news, science, movies, video games, music, books, fitness, food and technology.

Recently At Web Summit week is Lisbon, Portugal, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said we are revamping a structure and layout of the website and coming with new design in Q1 2018 with more advanced features.


Why planned for new design?

As Reddit is a library of content for some users which covers almost all topics hence Reddit says we are tweaking our algorithm and doing several experiments to implement the below points in 2018 which can not only expand our user base but also helps in further expanding our business.

  • Building new powerful content creation tools
  • Onboarding of new user through different ways
  • How user spend more time on subreddits
  • Improve Moderation tools

Reddit believes that the poor and imperfect user interface stops us in growing hence we are planning for a new design of a website.

Huffman personally believes that “for the success and growth of the website redesigning is the only option and content is the core strength of any website that’s what saving us as we are helping people to take part in discussion and share your reviews thus content has played a crucial role in our success.”

Our major source of traffic is coming from mobile and desktop is no longer a traffic source for us. People are found to be engaged with our apps and thus we have decided to change the look and feel of the website but content remains the same – Huffman Revealed

What we can achieve with new design?

  • Improve the experience for existing users
  • Building a base so that no new user can left us without joining
  • Boost the engagment
  • Expanding our user base and business
  • More revenue

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Final Conclusion

Reddit don’t want to piss off with any of it’s existing and new users hence planned for a new design which is going to be launched in Q1 2018.