Google’s New Artificial Intelligence Technology Fights Online Child Sexual Abuse

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Child Sexual Abuse has been widespread in the devil’s world. A survey has been reported by Times Of India that over 53% of children face sexual abuse. In the modern times, the technology has a darker side too. Online Child Sexual Exploitation is a crime where the criminals use information communication to spread materials that can be harmful for the exploitation of the tender minds. When any post is shared online there is very little control over it as it is already viral, being seen by a thousand eyeballs. Offenders blackmail the kids and bully through text messages.

Google Artificial Intelligence Technology

Google has announced a new ArtificiaI Intelligence Technology to fight any online child sexual abuse. Today many types of content are being spread which includes a lot of 18+ content stuff. Google has claimed that its AI uses a cutting-edge technology which processes deep neural networks to process the image and detect any child sexual abuse material online. Google will combat against any spreading of content which involves sexual child abuse.

The new tools will be based on deep neural networks which will be made available to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for free of cost and other technological industries, through a new Content Safety API service which will be offered via requests. On Google’s official blog a content was posted by their lead engineering Nikola Todorovic and the Product Manager Abhi Chaudhuri that if one uses the Internet, it might be used as a means to spread any content that might exploit children sexually, which will be the worst imaginable abuse. The new Google’s AI technology will help the NGOs, service providers and other tech companies to increase the efficiency of CSAM (child sexual abuse material) detection and reduce the exposure of such content over the internet, says two engineers of Google. The system can help the viewer’s take action much more on the child sexual abuse being widely spread on the Internet.

The technology industry is willing to come forward and detect any time of Child Sexual Abuse Material or contents such as abusive messages or nudity, and Google is determined to combat against any internet CSAM by spreading the technological advancements. Google has joined hands with some partners like the Britain-based charity The Internet Watch Foundation, the Technology Coalition, and the WePROTECTGlobalAlliance and other NGOs to fight against online child sexual abuse.

Final Words

Many child sexual images are distributed over the internet every year. Children can be bullied over Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The offenders trick the minds of the victims to perform over webcam or live streams for something delightful and then later harass them. More than 70% of the images are of the children who are below 10 years or even lesser. These children cannot do anything about it and are victimized repeatedly. Such efforts by global tech companies can help identify the offenders and put them behind the bars. Also, the victims will be identified and receive the assistance and support they need. Also, such campaigns and help will create an awareness in the society at a very large scale.

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