New Technologies That Will Change Our Life in coming years

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Future Technologies

Edward Teller once said, “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”, we cannot agree more to it. Almost everything in this world can be done with technology that results in lessening the human efforts… Be it Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality or Wireless Power or anything! Technology has not just taken places in our lives and minds, but it also has made a huge impact in our lives, changing it to be better in every way possible, connecting us globally!

So let’s have a look on technologies that are so amazing they’re most likely to be changing our lives!

Self-Driving Cars

The self-driving car, also known as a driverless or autonomous car is a vehicle that has been created in such a way it can sense the surroundings and navigate and identifies obstacles without any requirement of human operators! Sounds cool? This is not it. Since it doesn’t require human input, these cars are combined with a lot of techniques to recognize their surroundings; techniques like radar, laser light, GPS, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence etc. that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating on its own. Self-driving cars have many benefits and are a blessing to human beings, it has reduced costs of mobility and infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about your safety, customer satisfaction has been increased and a lot of crimes have been reduced, traffic collisions do not occur often; hence there’s less chance of injuries and need for insurance. It has proven to be really helpful for children and the disabled ones or elderly people. This shows how much technology has been emerged in past few years!

Memory Crystal Data Storage

These are nanostructured crystals that are made to permanently record digital data which can be stored for 13 billion of years. It uses a femtosecond laser writing process.

These are chips made up of crystal that can store up to 360TB on a single disc! It involves using a femtosecond laser to write in which short bursts are used with a high-intensity light that does the encoding of a quantum bit. It writes a huge amount of data onto small fragments of Nano-structured discs using 5D storage, so no three-dimensional storage!

Wireless Power

This innovation is surely mind-blowing. No one could ever think about it but scientifically, it is really possible that electricity can be transmitted from one source to another without any wires, but with the signals in air. It uses the procedure of transmitting energy from a transmitter with the help of an oscillating magnetic field and provides it to a distant receiver.

A few years ago, the process used to be inefficient and did not provide much affective results but after innovation of resonant power transfer devices, things have gotten easier, it can be manufactured and reproduced with less efforts. Wireless Power is expected to be applied on a large scale really soon!

Artificial Intelligence

Basically, Artificial Intelligence is the potential of a computer program or a machine meaning that it is capable of think and learn. Not all the things and not exactly in the way we do, but learning and problem solving are the main tasks included in Artificial Intelligence.

Currently, the term AI is used for understanding human speech, while people often say if it progresses without any obstacles, it will be danger to humanity but researchers have a main goal with AI, to create programs that will enable machines to learn, solve problems and think logically. Usually, computers can do really well in solving most of the problems, searching databases and calculations, even sometimes, better than human.

You see how interesting and amazing technology gets with every passing year? Researchers are coming with something new every time, creating intelligent machines and making our lives easier. The technologies listed above are some of the best ones discovered or yet to be discovered, gear up for it!

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an experience that is generated by a computer that is done in imitated environment. It mainly concentrates on hearing and visual actions. The visual reality uses virtual reality headsets that create an environment which is quite similar to real world that gives an amazing experience to the user! These headsets are sometimes used in combination with a proper man-made physical environment or with some awesome props which creates realistic visuals and sounds, also other senses that imitates a person’s presence in an imaginary environment. The person using VR headsets can look around in imaginary world; he/she can move around in it and can interact with other virtual things. The gaming industry already started incorporating this Virtual Reality technology to give different level of entertainment to the gamers. The gamers can now feel the reality inside the game with this technology. The Casino gaming industry went through a transition from Land based to Online VR based casinos. So playing live casino games online is becoming a trend among gamers these days.