Lightroom Presets for All Occasions by Visual Flow Presets

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Photo editing software is an essential tool for photographers. Even if you take stunning pictures, you can enhance their quality by using trusted editing software. Among the various features, there’s one that is a must-have for every photographer.

What is it? 

A Preset

Yes. A preset is a predefined combination of setting to edit a picture. Whether it is to lighten, darken, or change the colors, a preset makes it easy to apply the changes with a single click. Imagine having to tweak hundreds of photos manually. It’s time-consuming, isn’t it?

By using a preset, you can apply the changes to all the selected pictures at once. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? These are generally called Lightroom presets and are available for free and purchase.

Visual Flow Presets are high-quality Lightroom presets for all occasions. Be it nature photography or an indoor photoshoot, you can use the presets to edit the pictures and create breathtaking visuals.

Benefits of Lightroom Presets

What makes Lightroom presets popular among photographers? We already know that presets facilitate batch edits and save time. At the same time, presets also help create-

  • A Consistent Theme:

Presets make it easy to create pictures with similar themes. If you’ve taken photos of a beach party, you can set the same tonal scheme and style for all the pictures. This allows you to edit the images in one go and compile them under the same theme. It also helps people immediately recognizing a picture.

  • Customized Styles:

The brush and retouching toolkit allows you to customize styles for similar-looking pictures. The pictures taken in the Burst mode can be tweaked to get the perfect picture your client wants.

  • Experimentation:

What if you want to try a couple of tweaks for the same photo before you finalize one? You can easily do that using Lightroom presets. Just click on the preset, and you’ll see how the image will look.

Lightroom presets are affordable in the long term. When you can finish the editing work in less time, you’ll have more opportunities to take up new projects. This increases your business and your client base. You’ll get back your investment and become a well-known photographer in the market.

How to Use Visual FLow Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are popular because they are easy to use. You can apply the same preset to a bunch of pictures and make the edits at once instead of applying it for individual photos. The VF Mixer Profile lets you customize the settings and tweak them to get the kind of output you want. 

From color grading to skin toning, there’s much you can do using VF Mixer Profile and Retouching Toolkit. You can create black and white photos, change the mood of the photo, and use sun pop filters to highlight the contrast in natural outdoor settings. 

Not just that, you can also save your favorites mixologies to easily access them in the future. There’s no need to create them every time. 

What if you want an outside opinion? You can share the preset of a picture with the VF Lightroom community on social media and get their advice. Connect with other photographers from around the world and become a part of the creative community. 

Why Visual Flow Presets

Visual Flow Presets have been developed using a patent-pending lighting condition-based approach to image processing. The company has ensured that the presets work based on how the camera sees the colors and suits all weather conditions.

The Lightroom presets include a separate preset for the common lighting conditions photographers use to enhance the pictures.

The presets can be used on desktop and mobile devices. They are compatible with Adobe Lightroom Mobile, CC, and Classic apps.

From retro to modern to pastel, you can choose from various presets offered by Visual Flow. Moreover, the company is constantly adding new Lightroom presets to its collection. It’s a treasure trove for photographers and photo editors.

You can also use the Lightroom Retouching Toolkit with 50 retouching brushes and 26 workflow tools. That means you can fine-tune and edit the pictures without using Photoshop. Didn’t things just get easier? We bet they did.

Final Conclusion

The Lightroom presets by Visual Flow are easy to download. Simply create an account, log in, and download the presets after you purchase the ones you like. Use the presets in your editing software and beautify the pictures. Present your clients with the best quality pictures in a quick time and grow your business.

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