Machine Learning & AI – The Next Hottest Career in the Industry

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Have you ever spent your time talking to Google Assistant and laughed? Well, the one behind the AI is sure to be someone with brains! Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence is quite contrasted to the natural human intelligence. If you have been following the latest technology news, you must have read the latest article published by Economic Times, the people working in Machine Learning and AI have got an 80% salary hike making a place in this career as the hottest career.

Argho Chatterjee had pursued Machine Learning and AI from UpGrad and IIIT Bangalore. With a personalized learning experience provided to Argho by the institute, he dived into coding his own original artificial neural networks, something which might help the world. IIIT and Upgrad have always been helping learners by giving an advanced curriculum which will help students to prosper, creating projects along with experts from the concerned industry, and all support for their AI career choices. Another example is Saurav Kant Kumar, who is now working as a Data Scientist at Tech Mahindra. Saurav believes that the most important thing is teamwork and UpGrad has given him a chance to work with the brightest minds around as he continues to solve case studies.

Machine Learning is a method to analyze data to automate analytical model building. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the “tech” world, today even machines can think and even do work the same way humans do (sometimes even more efficiently!). Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence where traditional algorithms generate unique answers. It involves learning through experience, reasoning, planning and natural language processing. This fields also lands you up a job in companies such as YouTube, Amazon etc. which allows users to search for the product according to their recent searches.

AI industry is exploding in markets today. The companies today need AI and machine learning experts. According to a report published by Gartner, AI will create almost 2.3 million job opportunities by 2020. In India, there are 1.4 lakh jobs vacant for AI and Data Analytics sector. In India, 27% of AI professionals get a salary of 10-25 lakhs while 5% of the professionals get 50 lacs per annum. The world will witness a drastic change with the rapid development of the AI sector.

The responsibilities of the Machine Learning Experts are to:

  • Develop smart ways to identify properties of the user live projects.
  • Develop smart programs to identify the usage pattern of various users in the interface.
  • Identify all the key parameters used to catch the intelligent data about different business scenarios.
  • See various business functions which automate and identify relevant coding to perform the functionalities where inbuilt support is absent in the language used.
  • Also, link the program with the product using PHP.
  • Design database using different machine programs such as JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

Final Words                                                      

Many tech giants and Upgrad have come together to skill more students in Machine Learning and make it accessible to various learners and developers through various programs. Many learners have now made a transition with UpGrad with an average of 36% salary hike.

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