Swedish Company launches its ‘Flying Car’ Jetson One available for $92,000

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Swedish Company launches its 'Flying Car' Jetson One

After dreaming about flying cars for more than a decade, we finally are ready to see one in real life. A Swedish company, Jetson, has developed the first flying car that will be commercially available as a personal electric aerial vehicle. Jetson was founded in 2017. It develops electric vertical take-off landing vehicles (eVOTL). 

The flying car is priced at $129,000 and has a top speed limit of 102km/hr (63 m/hr). It flies at an altitude of 1500 feet or 457 meters. The flying car is named Jetson ONE as it can carry only one person in it. The Jetson Company sure lived up to its name (in case you forgot the famous cartoon, The Jetsons). 

The visuals released by the company show the flying car as a sleek oval-shaped machine with two pairs of wings. The car has a flight time of twenty minutes and is compact enough to land in your backyard. 

Tomasz Patan, Founder and Technical Director at Jetson, said that the flying car has been built with eight powerful motors and has a rigid aluminum frame for sturdiness. He added that the Jetson ONE is many safety features like a ballistic parachute and a redundant propulsion system. The components have been made using 3D printing technology (and carbon fiber) to create a lightweight flying car. 

The co-founder of Jetson, Peter Ternstrom, said that they want to make the flying car available for everyone. He called it an electric helicopter anyone can fly. 

The prototype of the flying car was released in 2018. The electric flying car is a consumer-grade version of ONE eVOTL model. It will only be made in limited quantities for now. The bookings for the 2022 batch are already full. A few spots are left for the 2023 batch production. You’ll have to pay a deposit of $22,000 to secure your booking. 

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