Google Maps Turns 15 – Celebrates with new logo and updates

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Google Maps 15th Birthday

I was trying to check the traffic on my way back home from office yesterday. After some struggle to find Google Maps, I realized that the icon has changed. With a quick search, I found Google Maps was having a fresh new look – it was celebrating its 15th birthday! 

Refreshing New Look

Google Maps has become one of the most important local search tools in the market. Be it navigation from one location to another or help you explore the world, Google Maps has become indispensible. Google’s official blog states that they have “pushed the limits of what a map can do.” It follows a simple and standard formula with red, blue, green, and yellow colors for its icon.  

Apart from the icon, here’s what’s fresh in this new look:

  • Along with the existing three tabs – Explore, Commute and Saved, there are two additional tabs – Contribute and Updates
  • New content based on user input for Temperature, Accessibility, Women’s section, and Security Onboard
  • Upgraded Live View which shows the surroundings with directions in augmented reality

Google gives you everything at your fingertips with these updates. From the icon that reflects the evolution of mapping the world to easy-to-access tabs, from crowdedness predictions to security information, Google gives you the best insights to make your travel comfortable. Keep an eye out for this celebratory car while navigating!

Having over a billion users, Google Maps thrives using crowdsourced data for its real-world business. With the help of the Local Guides program, it has become the number one review platform for any kind of business. Do check out the new and refreshing look of Google Maps and let us know about it in the comments section.

Let’s wish Google Maps Happy 15th birthday!

Thankyou so much for showing us the location on your apps.We would like to celebrate 30th birthday with you.