WhatsApp will soon get the Instagram Boomerang feature

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We all know that in Instagram The boomerang feature is one of the best. When it comes to sleeping videos and keep them on a loop. The boomerang feature was launched in October 2015 on Instagram since then it has been able to get huge popularity. But in recent news it has been seen that the Boomerang feature will be featured in the WhatsApp videos as well and it is right now in the development stage.

Whatsapp boomerang Techpcviper

WhatsApp is one of the best social messaging app that has been owned by Facebook. And it will allow the users to create videos one-second video loops.Right now it is in developmental stage and it is only available to iOS users but it is coming to news that it will be available for the Android platform very soon. The boomerang feature was actually one of the best Instagram applications that help the users to make a number of loop videos which was very entertaining.

In a report that has been declared by WABetalnfo. The boomerang feature is under development when it comes to the WhatsApp platform. And the beta users will be able to receive the Boomerang feature with the help of the video panel. Right now the video panel has the capacity to convert videos into giphy files. The boomerang feature will be introduced of seven seconds and can be shared with the WhatsApp contacts through a message or by uploading status.