SeaTable – Is it better than Excel Spreadsheets?

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SeaTable - Database Application

One of the most vital elements in an enterprise is data and its storage. Which database does a business use and why? Is the current Database management system providing all the necessary features? How do you manage data in multiple formats? Is it easy or hard? Would you like something more effective? 

Are you looking for an alternative to the spreadsheet tool?

We made you curious with the last question, didn’t we? In this post, we’ll be reviewing a new database software developed using German security standards and designed exclusively for business organizations. 

Founded by Two brothers Dr. Ralf Dyllick-Brenzinger and Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger in July 2020 in Mainz, Germany, SeaTable comes with a simple tagline- beyond spreadsheet. The German company has created software that’s much more effective than MS Excel and offers a range of features to manage the data in the enterprise. 

The software can be hosted on the cloud or on-premises to suit your business needs. Teams from different departments such as finance, sales, marketing, HR, etc., can use SeaTable for their domain-based requirements. 

Organized, capture, and analyzed all types of data in SeaTable and keep track of all your tasks.

Sounds great already, doesn’t it? Let’s look at the features and functions in-depth and understand how SeaTable works. 

Benefits of Using SeaTable

1.) SeaTable for Everyone 

The database software is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It has been designed to meet the varying requirements of different enterprises. The software is flexible and scalable. 

2.) Control Over Software  

Decide which hardware and operating system to want to use for the software. Provide edit and view access to employees/ stakeholders/ clients depending on the project requirements. You can set restrictions on who can access the log files and how. This feature is available for the self-hosted version. 

3.) Data Compliance 

The company has an ISO certification computer center that follows are data security standards to keep private data confidential. Organizations in the EU have nothing to worry about as SeaTable is GDPR compliant. 

4.) Seamless Adaptation  

In which environment do you want to use the software? What’s your preferred platform? Which security protocol do you want to choose for user authentication? Want to enable two-factor authentication? Go ahead. Want to have a clusterable backend? That’s possible too. 

5.) Customization 

SeaTable can represent your business in every way. From changing the color scheme to customizing templates, adding logos, and editing the URLs, you can fully own the database software. Assign roles and permissions accordingly

6.) Technical Support 

The company provides technical support in various ways. The customer care team will guide you through the installation process and help understand how the features work. You can contact them any time there’s a glitch, and they’ll provide a solution. 

7.) Pre-Designed Templates 

SeaTable has a vast collection of templates for every business. The templates are classified into different categories such as project management, HR, marketing, creative content, software development, and so on. You can pick a template of your choice and customize it to suit the requirements. 

8.) No installation, download or any type of configuration is required to use SeaTable

SeaTable Database Software Features 

  • A range of data fields to upload all types of data- text, images, videos, graphs, formulas, date and time, and so on. 
  • Group, sort, and filter the data using existing options or add your own criteria. Get rid of duplication in data. 
  • SeaTable also works as a plug-in for individual accounts. Employees can use software to share their presentations or automatically move data and values. 
  • Want to collect specific data from employees or clients? Create a form on SeaTable and use it for feedback, surveys, and more. 
  • Collaborate with other teams and share information within the software. Give access to view/ edit the report, visualization, or data logs. 
  • Share customized links with clients to update them on the progress. Clients will see only the data you want them to see. The rest of it is kept confidential. 
  • Want to use SeaTable on mobile phones? That’s possible too. Access data from any location using your smartphone. 
  • SeaTable doesn’t have to be used in isolation or as independent software. It can be integrated with various software applications through a robust API. 
  • Create relationships between datasets so that data across the enterprise can be smartly linked to building intelligent relationships and connections for data analysis. 

Who can use SeaTable?

1.) Project Managers

2.) Developers

3.) Market Reseachers

4.) Agencies

5.) Content Creators

SeaTable Pricing: Let’s check

SeaTable will help you to run the cloud platform for you so that you can focus on your business. We suggest you to start with them immediately as they are offering an unlimited free trial and special discounts to schools, colleges and public institutions in the paid packages plus you can save 20% if you go for the annual plan.

The three pricing packages are free, plus and enterprise.

Choose anything from SeaTable Cloud, Dedicated and Server 

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Free. (0€ per user/month)

  • Unlimited no of tables
  • 10,000 lines
  • Storage of 2 GB
  • Maximum 25 Team members
  • 1 month versioning
  • Community support
  • Javascript and Python support

2. Plus (9€ per user/month)

  • Unlimited no of tables
  • 50,000 lines
  • Storage upto 50GB
  • Unlimited team size
  • Tech support if you face any challenges in using SeaTable
  • Javascript and Python support
  • Advanced Sharing Permissions

3. Enterprise (18€ per user/month)

  • Unlimited Tables, lines and team size
  • 100GB of file storage
  • 12 month versioning
  • Enterprise support
  • Javascript and Python support
  • Advanced Sharing Permission
  • Advanced Customizing
  • Automations
  • Pay annually

Some of the common functions that are included in all packages are

➢ Column types are available for different data formats such as images, selection lists, checkboxes, notes.

➢ Options such as filter, grouping, sorting, and individual views

➢ Real-time collaborative comments

➢ Predefined Layout and style templates

➢ Release link to release the link to the team, group, and external partners

➢ Calendars, galleries, maps and timelines

➢ Web forms

➢ Restful API

Still have questions? Contact SeaTable Sales Team

Pros and Cons of SeaTable


✓ Flexible and easy to use

✓ Competitive pricing for small businesses 

✓ Fast implementation 

✓ Seamless team collaborations 

✓ Multiuse software tool 


✕ Limited features in the free plan 

Final Conclusion 

SeaTable is an advanced spreadsheet solution to organize and manage all the tasks, assets, projects and ideas. Already crossed 100,000 downloads SeaTable is the powerful collaboration platform and a leading spreadsheet tool in the market. 

You can try all premium features at an affordable pricing. Check SeaTable