Comparison SeaTable Vs. Airtable: Which is Better in 2024? TechPcVipers Insights

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Technology has led to many changes in work culture. Collaborating, remote working, streamlining workflows, etc are easier than before. There are various tools to manage and organize data and spreadsheets in organizations. 

SeaTable and Airtable are online platforms that help businesses manage their data and workflows effectively. Both services are gaining popularity in recent times. But which platform should you choose? Which tool is best suited for your needs? 

Let’s dig deeper

SeaTable Overview 

SeaTable GmbH was founded in 2020 with a headquarters in Mainz, Germany, and offices in Berlin and Beijing. The company offers a comprehensive data organization tool that looks much like MS Excel but has an array of features. From adding images and documents to integrating with email inboxes, creating shortcuts, etc., SeaTable helps businesses control, manage, and organize their data differently. The platform can be used as a cloud-based service or self-hosted locally on the premises. 

Airtable Overview 


Airtable is a robust platform to build and customize work-based apps, create unique workflows, and manage several tasks simultaneously. Founded in 2013, Airtable has six offices around the world, with a headquarters in San Francisco, USA. The company has won awards for offering innovative services and allows third-party integrations. It is a cloud-only software app designed to help businesses build and deploy more apps (or Airtables) based on their requirements. 

SeaTable Vs. Airtable

Seatable vs Airtable

→ Features 

SeaTable has many features like automation, sorting, filtering, multiple views, user access through authorizations, color-based highlighting, sharing, etc. It provides creative visualizations, calendars, Kanban integration, statistics, analytics, and much more. Users can enter data through the browser, forms, API, or third-party integrations. Moving data from Excel to SeaTable is quick and effective. The platform also offers high data security and compliance. 

Airtable is known for its automation features. It also has other offerings like data visualization, custom reporting generation, data governance and security, etc. The platform uses artificial intelligence to transform various business tasks into efficient workflows. Airtable has a marketplace to buy extensions to further enhance the platform’s performance.  

→ Apps and Templates 

SeaTable comes with readymade templates that can be customized to suit varying business requirements. There are templates for different departments and teams. Additionally, users can develop their own templates or send a request to the tech team with the necessary details. They will create a custom template accordingly. 

Airtable offers AI-based no-code apps to manage business workflows. Users can design and customize the apps using Interface Designer or edit existing ones by accessing the templates. The interface has a drag-and-drop feature, which simplifies customization and saves time. The platform offers more data visualization options. 

→ API and Third-Party Integrations

SeaTable offers seamless API integration for enterprise users. The platform can be connected with various applications to collect, transfer, and organize data in large volumes. SeaTable API is flexible, scalable, and user-friendly. It’s easy to share links with others or add new members to the platform. It works with Zapier, n8n, and other well-known applications. 

Airtable API integration offers services similar to SeaTable. However, the process is slightly more complex. Even though Airtable can be integrated with more platforms, it takes time to work with the software and may need more on-boarding and training time. 

→ Pricing and Offerings 

SeaTable believes in offering the right plan for everyone. It has four price plans – Free, Plus, Enterprise, and Dedicated Cloud (with custom pricing). The company offers monthly and annual subscriptions.


Seatable Pricing

Users can get a discount on a yearly subscription. Nonprofit organizations can get a special discount. SeaTable also provides a license for enterprises to purchase and operate their own SeaTable Enterprise Server (on-premises). Since the company caters mainly to European countries, the prices are listed in Euros. 

Airtable also has four price plans – Free, Teams, Business, and Enterprises (with custom pricing). The company offers monthly and yearly subscriptions. While the read-only collaborators have free access, there’s a charge for the number of users with edit permissions. 

Airtable Pricing

Businesses can add or delete users as required for the project. The amount will be calculated only for the days the users were added. Airtable’s pricing is in US dollars. The company has special plans for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. 

→ Customer Support 

SeaTable offers phone and email support and is more responsive in solving user queries and issues. 

Airtable offers email support and is reliable enough in case of issues. Both companies work only during business hours and don’t offer 24/7 customer support. 

Final Words 

Even though Airtable has been in the market for a longer duration but it’s widely used for complex projects so you need to learn and grasp advanced features. Airtable plans come with a database size limitation hence SeaTable is a better choice, especially if businesses use MS Excel for data management. The platform offers greater flexibility and data security. 

Why SeaTable?

✓ 1000+ daily users

✓ 100K + downloads in the 1st year

✓ 4.6 rating on Capterra

Furthermore, the pricing is affordable and competitive. The company offers premium services at a cost-effective rate and doesn’t have a hard limit, making it a feasible option for SMBs and large enterprises.