Collaboard Review:- Online Whiteboard for Effective Team Collaborations

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Have you ever wanted an online whiteboard that lets you share it with anyone in any part of the world? Wouldn’t it be a great way to collaborate with your team without sharing and re-sharing files and end up confused about the latest versions? 

Business owners, employees, designers, and freelancers need a place to jot down their ideas and work on them. Think of it as a mood board that writers create to plan their novels, but with even more features and options. 

Collaboard is an online whiteboard that has been created for collaborations and team projects. With enterprise-grade security and multiple hosting options, this software is perfect for employees who work in teams. 


Collaboard “Great Minds Think Together” is a part of a Swiss family-owned software company, IBV. The main idea behind the company is to provide automated customized solutions to various enterprises. 


Ideation, conceptualization, and collaboration are the main themes of Collaboard. 

The software can be accessed through the web browser, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and interactive displays.

You can either host the software on the cloud or in the in-house servers. The software is suitable for companies, schools, and non-profit organizations. 

Features of Collaboard 

Digital Sticky Notes: Sticky notes are lifesavers, aren’t they? That’s why Collaboard has digital sticky notes so that you won’t forget or miss even a tiny piece of information. 

  • Digital Drawing: Draw your ideas and designs on the whiteboard. Save them, edit them, work on them anytime you want. 
  • Style Text: Change the font, size, and color of the text. Use different test styles to create an attractive and unique presentation to woo the audience.
  • Real-time Multi-user Collaboration: Invite participant and guest users to view your whiteboard and share their opinions. Multiple users can log in and work on the same project at the same time. 
  • Manage Documents: You can upload MS Office files to the whiteboard to study them, extract data from them, and create separate elements to streamline your project. Have everything in control. 
  • Connect Ideas: Mind mapping is a wonderful concept, isn’t it? Do the same with your ideas on Collaboard. Map them, connect them, combine them, and come up with a new project.  
  • Upload Images & Videos: Use images from the web or your camera and them to the whiteboard. Take videos of the whiteboard and use them in your presentations. 
  • Rate and Vote Ideas: How do you which one is the best idea? Ask your teammates and guest users to rate and vote for their favorite idea. From sticky notes to drawing to documents, any of these elements can be voted for. 
  • Export Projects: Do you want a copy of the idea map? Export it as an HD image and save a copy for reference. 
  • Share Projects: Invite others to view or edit the project by creating a QR code of it. 
  • Hyperlinks: You can hyperlinks text to third-party websites straight from the Collaboard (similar to MS Word). 
  • Lock Objects & Add Password Protection: You can lock the key elements on the whiteboard from being accidentally deleted. Similarly, you can protect the entire project by creating a password for it. 
  • Quick Links: Click on the button at the bottom of the board to access all links and objects related to your project. 
  • Dark Mode: Switch to dark mode to save battery power and give your eyes some rest. 

Collaboard Pricing 


The company offers five price packages to choose from. 

👉 Free plan allows up to 3 projects, 5 participants, drawing, writing, sticky notes, connectors, uploading documents, voting, and taking pictures or recording videos. 

👉 Personal plan appx. $3.62/month (billed annually); this is for individuals/ freelancers and includes all features of the free plan but allows up to 10 participants, lets you work on unlimited projects, and add YouTube videos. 

👉 Basic plan appx. $6/ month (billed annually); this is suitable for small teams and includes all features of the personal plan. You can add up to 50 participants and 20 guest users. You also have the option for team management. 

👉 Advanced plan appx. $12.07/month (billed annually); suitable for larger team collaborations and offers unlimited projects, participants, guest users. You also have access to use the presentation mode, facilitator mode, and quick links. A feature allowing you to customize templates is going to be released soon. 

👉 Enterprise plan– This is an enterprise-level plan that offers all features of the advanced plan and more, such as company branding, data hosting services, Single-Sign-On (SSO), customer support services, and an admin dashboard (to be released soon). The support team will customize the plan to suit your business needs. 

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Final Conclusion 

Don’t risk losing your ideas by writing them on scraps of paper or saving them in a file and forgetting them later. Let your ideas come to life on an online whiteboard. Share it with others, brainstorm and exchange opinions, organize everything in one place, and visit it anytime you want. 

Analyze, discuss, and implement your ideas without any confusion. Collaboard is your canvas to present your dreams and see them come true.