Now You Can Maximize Database Performance Without a Technical Expert!

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There’s a lot of backend work necessary for a business to run. Among the various processes, software, and tools required for an organization to function, the database is one primary aspect. Where else will the vital information be stored? 

Be it the employee details, customer details, business transactions, sales, salaries, commissions, etc., the information must be stored in a secure location and a structured format. Departments take the necessary information from the database and use it for their day-to-day work. 

Among the various types of database management applications, MS SQL Server/ SQL Server is a prominent one. However, updating the database is no small task. When a business generates a huge volume of data every day, imagine the time it would take to add these details to the database. And things don’t end there. You also need to maintain the database and ensure that the database returns the requested data swiftly without having large latency.

A database that’s not properly maintained will become slow and unresponsive over time. What use is such a system to your enterprise? You need to create a separate team to handle the database or outsource the services to a third-party service provider. Many organizations find it easier to hire a service provider to manage their database systems. 

SQLTreeo offers database management products and services to help businesses streamline their IT infrastructure and database systems. 

Maximize Database Performance using SQL Treeo

SQLTreeo delivers managed SQL services and offers a variety of SQL Server database monitoring applications aimed to automate the majority of daily actions performed by a DBA.

Automated Index Management (AiM)

Wouldn’t you love it if there was a tool to automate index management of your business database? Your employees can finish their work faster and with increased efficiency. The aiM is active 24*7 and works behind the screen. It doesn’t interfere with your work but ensures that the database indexes are up to date. 

Why Choose AiM? 

The main task of AiM is to streamline your database environment. It creates indexes and optimizes them. 

It removes incorrect indexes and the ones that are no longer in use. (Your database won’t be overloaded with unwanted stuff.  Your queries/data retrieval will always be in an optimal state since the indexes are continuously maintained. Indexes that are outdated and no longer in use will have an adversary effect and causes degradation in the performance.)

Each time the database is updated, AiM alters the indexes in line to match the latest changes. 

The software tool takes over the manual tasks like analyzing tables, monitoring activity, and index statistics, maintaining them, and keeping them up to date.  (Informational: Depending on the environment and table size , indexes on large tables often need to be created outside production time and can take several hours to complete. Since it is a heavy process that requires resources and degrades performance.)

The workload of your DBA will be drastically reduced without compromising on the quality of work. AiM will even send an email to the DBA detailing the activity it has done. 

What About Customization of AiM? 

Oh, yes! Automated Index Management tool can be customized to suit your business requirements. It’s natural for every business to have a different process of handling the database. AiM can be tuned to work as per your needs. 

If you want to restrict AiM to only analyze the database or update indexes, that’s fine too. Go ahead and use AiM the way you want. The DBAs will still be in control of the database even though you are using the Automated Index Management tool to streamline and speed up the process. 

What is the Long-Term Value of AiM? 

When you automate index management, you are setting up a business process for the long term. There is no need to hire additional Database Administrators to manage the database as your business grows. The same person can maintain the database as well as complete the reports on time. 

SQLTreeo offers three pricing plans to choose from apart from a customized plan. Depending on the business volume, you can opt for any of the following plans-

  • Standard: $2,818/ year for one SQL server
  • Business: $8,454/ year for 6 SQL servers 
  • Corporate: $16,454/ year for 100 SQL servers and priority support services 

All three plans gain access to a fully Automated Index Management tool. You can choose between the monthly and yearly plans. 

  The company also brings you a 14-day free trial plan.  Start with that to get a better idea of what to expect from the software. You can then choose a suitable plan from the above or create a quote for a flexible and customized plan for your business.

Does AiM Require Assisted Implementation?

The company has designed AiM with a user-friendly interface that can be used by even inexperienced DBAs. You just need to download the software and follow the instructions. There is no need to wait for the support team to assist you with the implementation process. 

The FAQs section on the company website has a video introducing Automated Index Management and its usage. That will also help you understand how AiM works.