Reliance Unveils JioMeet Video Conferencing App To Take On Zoom

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  • JioMeet offers unlimited free calls in HD (720p) and  supports over 100 participants at once
  • Jio says the calls are uninterrupted for ‘up to 24 hours’
  • JioMeet will compete against Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Team

After raising over $15 billion, India’s Reliance Jio is ready to jump into the tech arena with the launch of its video conferencing app – JioMeet. The Indian telecom giants’ announcement comes in the wake of rising anti-China sentiments, from where Zoom takes its roots. COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns have led to an increasing dependence on video conferencing applications not only for business purposes but also for leisure catch-ups. In spite of multiple competitors, Zoom emerged as one of the most popular platforms.

What Is JioMeet And How Is It Different From Zoom?

JioMeet is a video-conferencing application that offers free, unlimited HD calls and supports as many as 100 users at a once. The application does not impose any time limit on the duration of the call as free calls can be uninterrupted for ‘up to 24 hours’ long. It also works seamlessly with Android version 5.0 and above, iOS version 9 and above, Windows 10, Mac version 10.13 and above. 

Lets now get to JioMeet vs Zoom. JioMeet is very similar to Zoom not only in terms of functions but also the UI design, experience and even the logo.

Unlike Zoom which offers only 40 minutes of video for three or more participants, JioMeet lets you connect with 100 people at a time with no interruptions for up to 24 hours. Though Zoom has paid plans starting from $14.99, JioMeet hasn’t announced any paid plans yet. Jio claims that all its meetings are end-to-end encrypted just like in Zoom, but there are no details regarding this yet. 

Coming to the most important aspect – the user experience, JioMeet is an exact replica of Zoom. It is available across all platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Just like Zoom, you can schedule meetings, password-protect meetings, and create a waiting room. You can also share your screen and record the meeting. With JioMeet, Reliance is making an attempt to enable an experience very similar to Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Team.

We downloaded the JioMeet and would like to share our experience with you.

  1. Join a meeting
Join a meeting

2. Register & Easy login

Easy to login

3. Schedule meeting in teams

4. Stunning Video & Audio quality

JioMeet has over a million installs in Google Play Store and may soon introduce paid plans with growing popularity. 

Download – Google PlayStore , Mac App Store