Apple iPhone 13 Coming in 2021 and What We Know About It

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Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

iPhone 13 is expected to be released this fall (yes, it is a long wait), and people are guessing what new features and changes Apple would introduce this time. 

On the 23rd of this month, Macrumors posted a set of images showing three different sizes of iPhone 13 panels. The pictures are said to have come from iRepair, a Greek repair provider. 

The front panels in the image have the same sizes as the ones in iPhone 12 lineup- 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch. Though iPhone 12 mini didn’t have many sales, Apple is determined to go ahead with iPhone 13 mini. 

However, there were a couple of interesting features that grabbed the attention of everyone. 

Firstly, the notch seems to be smaller than all the previous models. This is something many users have been asking for, and from the looks of it, Apple appears to have accepted their requests. The experts in the field said that they were expecting Apple to take this step soon considering the leaks they’ve accessed. 

The second difference we see is the location of the earpiece is now found on the top bezel. This one indeed came as a surprise since Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, said nothing about it. He did mention that Apple was working on slimming the Face ID components that would result in a smaller notch. Kuo is someone known for his accurate guessing of Apple’s moves, and it isn’t a surprise that his analysis hit the mark yet again. 

On that note, we’d like to add that Kuo also talked about how 2022 models of iPhone would have a punch-hole display (like the ones in Samsung). It’ll be interesting to see how Apple would bring out something similar to rival’s design. 

Getting back to iPhone 13, we can expect improvements in the camera, the battery life (yeah!), a faster and better A-series processor, and of course, a new 5G chip from Qualcomm. The other details are more or less going to be the same as iPhone 12.

More Rumors


There have been rumors about iPhone 13 possibly having a portless design for wireless charging. But Kuo dismissed them and said it won’t be happening. He added that Apple will continue to use Lightning and will not use USB-C or the portless design as with AirPods Pro. Ming-Chi Kuo said that this will happen only when the MagSafe accessories become more common. 


The camera improvements we mentioned are likely to be in the form of a larger sensor than what we see in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which might be extended to other models. Sensor-Shift Stabilization is another improvement that could be made to provide a better auto-focus and stabilization to take pictures. 

And there’s more. The company might use Ultra-Wide lenses that have lower apertures and can take better pictures in low light. That sure is something to look forward to. 

If we were to look at the overall design, weight, and thickness of iPhone 13, the new model might be thicker (by appx 0.26mm) and slightly heavier to accommodate the larger battery. This news comes from Mac Otakara, a Japanese website. The larger battery would serve to provide a better battery life. 

The smaller notch could also be shallow, says another rumor. This means that the notch would not be as deep, wide, and prominent as with the models from iPhone X (started in 2017). More than one site has predicted, and we are excited to see what Apple would finally do. 

While another rumor says that the Face ID transmitter might be made with plastic instead of glass, this move doesn’t seem to be doing anything for the users in particular. It appears to be more of a cost-control move if the rumors are indeed correct. 

Touch ID is another feature that is rumored to be in iPhone 13. Bloomerang feels that Apple is working on an in-display Touch ID fingerprint reader. This would bring a major difference to the biometric systems Apple has been using since t released iPhone X. 

If iPhone 13 really has this new feature, it would be in addition to the Face ID. This makes sense as it allows users to unlock the phone without using facial recognition (which is rather hard, no thanks to the face masks we need to wear because of the coronavirus). 


The 120Hz ProMotion Display with 120Hz refresh rate , that was supposed to have been a part of the iPhone 12, is likely to be witnessed in the 2021 model. It was said that this feature was delayed owing to the battery life limitations. 


With as many rumors (and more) making rounds, we can’t wait for Apple to release iPhone 13 sometime in late September this year. Let’s see if the change in colors (another rumor) would be true or not.