Multinational companies have asked their employees to stay back home and work 

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Faster than ever, and for the first time, the entire world is commonly fighting against one enemy. Coronavirus, the pandemic disease has threatened the entire world and made doors remained close. All the common places, public gathering have shut down to reduce the intensity of the transfer. Nevertheless, the top MNCs like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Ford, etc., have instructed their employees to work from home after the news confirmed that two Facebook employees from Seattle have tested positive. The source of this widespread of corona is mainly due to the employees travelling to different countries for work needs. The company have also advised to thoroughly check the bystanders and the close relations of the affected contractors to undergo the test.

On the same note, Twitter has announced to the employees to support from home, more 4800 twitter employees around the world have stopped coming to the office and chose to work from home till the chaos disappears. Two Amazon employee travelled from Milan have shown positive results of Corona. Similarly, Silicon Valley companies are following the same protocol to respond to the outbreak. This is the first time in history all the tech companies are taking so much initiative to minimise the probability of spreading COVID -19. Many companies have cancelled all the business travels and conferences that creates a chance for a public meeting.

So far there are 9000 thousand cases and 3000+ death cases reported due to corona, China has already shut down the factories since the outbreak. A huge economic crisis is faced like never before, but still, the companies have chosen to prevent mankind from this fast-spreading disease by shutting down the work place for some time.