Apple’s Smart Glasses Could Replace Your iPhone Soon

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The biggest Apple rumour has made a comeback in a big way!

Are you ready for smart glasses to replace your phone for good?

Image Source:- Apple

What’s The Big News?

While Apple is planning to launch its first augmented reality headset in 2022, the popular news, as per The Information, is that this launch will be followed by Apple’s smart AR glasses launch in 2023. However, this news has been around for six years. Now, the sources reveal that the launch will take place three years later than originally expected. Apple’s launch of augmented reality devices aim to allow you to place digital content on top of the real world.


What Will Apple Smart AR Glasses Look Like?

Talking about the more interesting gadgets of the two, the AR glasses, code-named N421 are meant to be worn all day. This means that the Apple AR glasses are going to be sleeker, lighter and more comfortable as compared to the headset. However, as per the sources, Apple’s current prototypes are basically sunglasses with “thick frames” having the electronics stuffed inside.

Apple will also supposedly boast some advanced tech into the glasses, like the darkening of the lenses while the AR is in use. Also, Apple shows confidence in the idea that these glasses could replace users’ need to carry iPhones “in roughly a decade.” Apple’s AR smart glasses will be positioned as an iPhone accessory rather than a separate product.

Although Apple is really optimistic about the launch of these smart AR glasses, 2023 window is far enough into the future to expect anything with certainty.