Apple iPhone 13 may include a reverse wireless charging

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Apple’s iPhone 13 could support reverse wireless charging, says Max Weinbach. 

MacRumors posted an article based on a video by Max Weinbach to talk about the new wireless charging coil in iPhone 13. This coil is said to be bigger and provide better heat management and a higher wattage. At the same time, this coil could lead towards reverse wireless charging. 

Rumor has it that Apple is using larger wireless coils in iPhone 13, which will lead to a larger surface area of the wireless charging. 

When this rumor is seen in correlation with another leak about stronger MagSafe magnets in iPhone 13, it is likely that the next-gen iPhones will have the new reverse charging feature as one of the highlights. 

What is Reverse Charging?

In simple terms, reverse charging allows you to charge other devices using the iPhone 13. Devices that support wireless charging can be charged using Apple iPhone 13. For example, you can charge your AirPods by placing them on the rear of the iPhone 13 (where the wireless coil is located). 

Of course, we have no concrete information about whether or not this feature will be a part of the new iPhone 13. There are rumors (as posted by Bloomerang) that the iPad Pro that would release next year (2022) could have this reverse charging feature. 

It seems more probable as reverse charging will drain the device’s battery and a larger device like iPad Pro is better suited to sustain it. 

Since Apple hasn’t made any official comment or released a statement about this, we will have to wait and see if the rumors have any truth in them. 

Stay tuned for updates, and who knows, we might get the confirmation we are looking for. 

Either way, Apple knows how to keep us hooked.