ProPhotos Review: Powerful AI Tool to Generate Professional Headshots

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Getting a professional headshot can be time-consuming in today’s fast-paced world. You don’t have to sit like a statue or feel awkward when posing for headshots anymore. ProPhotos is an AI tool that creates professional headshots in a few minutes. Use them on your LinkedIn profiles, resumes, websites, and anywhere you want!

Prophotos - Professional Headshots

Let’s review ProPhotos to understand how it works and the features it offers to users. 


ProPhotos is a powerful AI-based automated photo editing platform. It allows you to create professional-looking headshots and edit the images to your satisfaction. The online tool is easy to use and doesn’t require high-end technical skills or experience. Anyone can edit and enhance their photos using advanced image processing technology developed by the company.

The tool provides access to a library with filters and effects to beautify the images. Make your pictures look professional, clear, realistic, and appealing without spending too much time and money. 

Professional AI Headshots Generator
AI Headshots

How ProPhotos Works 

ProPhotos lets you create the perfect headshot in four simple steps. Check them out below!

→ Step One: Upload Your Images 

Upload between ten and thirty Instagram-style images of yourself taken over the years. Try to upload more images, as it helps train the algorithm effectively. 

Step Two: Train the AI Algorithm 

Wait for two to three hours (get back to work and come again) as the algorithm processes your images and trains itself to model your face. 

Step Three: Curate Images 

The platform will assess hundreds of images and find the best fit. Customize the headshot images to suit your style and taste without using any other editing software or application. 

Step Four: Get the Delivery 

Once the final versions are ready, you can download them to your device and share them online or print physical copies of the images. 

Features of ProPhotos 

  • Realistic Looking Headshots 

The artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms used by ProPhotos process the images to create realistic pictures. These are unique and represent you in the best manner by analyzing your smile, eyes, features, facial expressions, etc. No one can tell that the images have been created by AI and not shot by a professional photographer. 

Business Headshots

Corporate Headshots
  • High-Quality Images 

Say no grainy, blurry, and messy images. No noise in the background or unwanted details to distract the attention from your face. The headshots created by ProPhotos are of top quality. You can download multiple HD images (based on the plan you choose). 

Professional Headshots
  • Customization 

Not only can you edit the lighting, shadows, brightness, contrast, etc., but also edit the facial expressions and retouch the images. Enhance the smile, soften the lines, and do much more using the user-friendly interface. Why invest in expensive photo editing software when ProPhotos offers it all? 

  • Save Time 

No need to rush to a photo studio or hire a photographer with a waiting list. You can complete other tasks when ProPhotos is training the AI algorithm with your images. Once done, you can edit the headshots whenever you want to. Work on the go or when on a holiday. Your professional headshot will be ready even when you are lounging on a beach chair.  

  • Budget-Friendly 

There’s no need to spend money on expert photographers or rent studio equipment to get your professional pictures taken. Get it done for a budget-friendly price without compromising quality. Pay only a fraction of the cost and enjoy more benefits by using ProPhotos. 

  • Consistency 

It’s hard to keep the uniformity, style and details consistent in headshots when using traditional photography. However, it poses no such problem to the AI algorithm. All your professional headshots will be consistent and align with your requirements with ProPhotos. 

  • Versatility 

The headshots generated in ProPhotos can be used for various purposes. Share them with your resumes, post them on professional sites like LinkedIn and websites, and use them to establish your personal brand identity. From writers to freelancers and anybody can benefit from this online tool. 


Prophotos Pricing

ProPhotos offers four price plans: 

Prophotos Pricing

1.) Basic: $25; 40 unique headshots, full color, 3 backgrounds, ready in 90 minutes, 3 clothing styles

2.) Premium: $55; 80 unique headshots, full color, 8 backgrounds, ready in 45 minutes, 6 clothing styles

3.) Professional: $155; 160 unique headshots, full color, 12 backgrounds, ready in 30 minutes, 8 clothing styles, unlimited customizations, and 24*7 chat support 

4.) Enterprise: Custom pricing; unlimited customizations, 24*7 chat support, consistency 

The Enterprise plan is for companies to create uniform headshots of their employees. 

Customer’s Opinion about ProPhotos

Customer Feedback

Final Words 

ProPhotos is a comprehensive headshot generator tool with many features and benefits. Create professional headshots as and when you want. Choose a plan that best suits your requirements and budget. 

The images can be used for personal, professional, and commercial purposes. No need to get any copyrights or pay extra to own the pictures. Beware of using other people’s images without their consent.