6 Best Photo Editing Services to Get Stylish Pictures in 2023

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The photo editing services described below are provided by experienced retouchers who deliver top-quality image enhancement results. If you’re interested in boosting the quality of your photos by tweaking the tonal balance, contrast, and brightness, enhancing the skin and body, editing or removing the background, minimizing noise, or performing any other similar task, then you can’t go wrong with these services. Check out the list below and find the best photo editing services for your genre regardless of whether it’s a wedding, portrait, product, or fashion photography.

1.) Wedding Photo Editing Services

Best Wedding Photo Editing Services

Prices start at: $0.20 per photo

Wedding photo editing service includes:

  • Professional color correction
  • Skin retouching
  • Body retouching
  • White balance tweaks
  • Dodge & Burn editing
  • Flawless stray hair deletion

If you’ve organized a wedding, birthday, or graduation celebration photoshoot and want to enhance the pictures you took, you can’t go wrong with this service. The range of possible adjustments includes color correction, portrait retouching, stylization, object deletion, background swap/blur, and much more. 

The retouchers will handpick the best images and tweak their colors while ridding them of unprofessional yellow subtones. This is the best photo editing service for wedding photographers who lack the time to handle image editing themselves.

Another option you have is to get the Wedding Pack Light Package which includes color correction for up to 700 of your images, or the Wedding Pack Premium Package which offers color correction as well as high-end retouching and various image manipulations.

2.) Portrait Photo Editing Services

 best Potrait Photo Editing Services

Prices start at: $6 per image

Portrait photo editing service includes:

  • Natural skin tone enhancements
  • Color correction
  • Makeup enhancement
  • Stray hair deletion
  • Glare removal
  • Subtle backdrop blur

This service is held in high regard among thousands of portrait photography experts. The agency’s professionals enhance the skin tone and makeup while also applying the Dodge & Burn tool to make certain details more pronounced. This service includes high-end retouching, color correction, and backdrop blur that ensures your photos look more focused. The service will be of particular interest to businesspeople, models, and portrait photographers.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the Pro Retouching Package to receive premium-quality portrait images from professional retouchers who will deal with such imperfections as scars, blemishes, teeth flaws, and wrinkles. They can also compensate for some missing makeup if that’s something you’re interested in.

3.) Product Photo Editing Service

Best Product Photo Editing Service

Prices start at: $2.5 per photo 

Product photo editing service includes:

• Background removal

• Color correction

• Background color adjustments

• Basic retouching 

• Photo cropping

• Shadow/reflection manipulations

Product image editing mainly involves color correction and backdrop manipulations. Hence why the Background Changing Package is always in high demand among online store owners. To ensure your images look perfect, the retouchers crop the photo, tweak the contrast and brightness, delete tags, perform noise reduction, create any necessary masks, etc.

When cropping a product photo, the expert gets rid of all unnecessary parts while bringing more focus to the product itself. Since the main purpose of product photography is to advertise the item, the viewer’s entire attention should be on the subject of the photo.

4.) High-End Photo Editing Services

High-End Photo Editing Services

Prices start at: $12 per photo

High-end retouching includes:

  • Dodge & Burn editing
  • Backdrop color enhancement
  • Color correction
  • Makeup enhancement
  • High-end skin retouching
  • Body shape adjustments

If your goal is to publish photos that are good enough to be on the cover of the world’s leading magazines, then this is the best photo editing service for you. The retouchers will handle all skin flaws, enhance the makeup, fix the hair, and perform overall styling. Nowadays, a significant portion of fashion photographers and modeling companies get the High-End Retouching Package or Premium Magazine Package to ensure their photos are magazine-worthy or can be used for creating a professional portfolio that will turn the head of any casting or modeling agent.

When enhancing the makeup in such photos, the retouchers start by dealing with all existing skin flaws and making the subject look more expressive. Next, they emphasize or add eyelashes, adjust the eyebrow shape, enhance the lip texture, and make the makeup a bit brighter.

H2 5. Photo Manipulation Service

Photo Manipulation Service

Prices start at: $30 per image

Photo manipulation service includes:

  • Image styling
  • Advanced manipulations
  • Color correction
  • Dodge & Burn editing
  • Backdrop replacement

This photo editing service is primarily aimed at photographers who like to fully express their creativity. The retouchers can enhance your images by adding a unique background in Photoshop. Additionally, they can stylize your pictures to look like pencil sketches, paintings, or cartoons, apply creative effects, add or delete various objects, and much more.

Whether you need to replace an element, add a new one to the scene, or completely delete an object to have more negative space in your photo, this service has you covered. Purchasing the Creative Manipulation Package is one of the best decisions you can make, as it will allow you to transform your images into sketches, drawings, and cartoons for a reasonable price.

H2 6. Photo Restoration Service

Photo Restoration Service

Prices start at: $30 per photo

Photo restoration service includes:

  • Damaged photos renovation
  • Black-and-white photo conversion
  • Scratches deletion
  • Color correction
  • Restore damaged areas
  • Blemish deletion

Not only can you take advantage of this service to create a fantastic gift for someone but you can also surprise yourself with the amount of detail that could be recovered once you restore your old family photos. The employees of this service can delete scratches and smudges, restore damaged photo areas, make overall enhancements, and deal with sepia issues. By the way, all of those edits are included in the Damaged Restoration Package, which will allow you to receive your old photos that look brand new within a few days.

Scratched, stained, and ripped photographs can be restored as long as you entrust that task to an experienced professional. This agency’s retouchers can also recover faded photographs and deal with sun-faded colors. Even if your vintage photo is missing an entire piece, it can still be salvaged with the help of proper photo restoration techniques.


  • What’s the point of photo editing?

Photo editing can be performed to delete unnecessary items and flaws (scratches, smudges), rotate or crop an image, fix lens aberrations, sharpen or soften the photo, perform color correction, and enhance the picture with various effects.

  • What does it mean to outsource image editing?

Photo editing outsourcing involves sending your photos to a third-party agency that will enhance them before sending them back to you. Professional retouchers are willing to account for all your requirements while following the provided style guide and ensuring all your photos are edited in the same aesthetic.

  • Who uses outsourcing companies for photo editing the most often?

Outsourcing agencies are typically approached by marketing and catalog companies, modeling agencies, and photography studios. Such services are also often used by photographers who don’t have the time to edit images manually or regular users who want to restore some old family photos.

  • What is the average turnaround for a photo editing order?

Most orders take about 2 to 5 business days to complete. The turnaround can be affected by various factors such as order complexity, format, size, and so on. Once you specify your requirements to the agency, you’ll receive a clearly defined delivery date.

  • What software is commonly used by retouchers in outsourcing companies?

They rely exclusively on professional-grade software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, and so on. The retouchers have all the necessary software licenses so you can rest assured the quality of the delivered photos will match all your expectations.