MonetizeMore Review: Increase Your Ad Revenue between 40-300%

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Optimize Adrevenue with MonetizeMore

MonetizeMore is Google Certified Publishing Partner and an award-winning ad tech platform built to empower publishers (websites and mobile apps). More than a thousand publishers from 40+ countries use MonetizeMore to generate more ad revenue. The company has a reliable team of ad experts that provides fast and reliable support to the publishers. 

What We Know About MonetizeMore 

Kean Graham founded MonetizeMore in 2010. It is a Global ad tech company with clients from forty countries worldwide. MonetizeMore is now among the leading ad revenue optimization companies in the world. It won the Innovation of the Year Award in 2020 by Google for developing Traffic Cop, a robust solution for the detection and prevention of invalid traffic. 

MonetizeMore is a leading publisher monetization company, an active Prebid Member, and Google Certified Publishing Partner. The company helps empower web publishers and app developers through their AI-powered technology and comprehensive ad operations platform, PubGuru. 

The company has four plans for the publishers—Starter, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. MonetizeMore promises an average of 40% ad revenue increase to publishers using the platform to optimize the ads. 

Monetizemore plans

MonetizeMore Features 

  • Use the actionable features to track and compare ad revenue and take corrective measures to increase your ad income. 
  • Access an exclusive pool of advertisers and increase long-term RPMs through their strategic ad placement and optimization strategy. Therefore, improving visitors’ experience so that they continue to bring traffic. 
  • PubGuru Header Bidding adjusts the bidding scale automatically. It also analyzes the data collected to determine the perfect timeout period for each device. 
  • Reporting is a vital part of managing Ad Ops. After all, incomplete or wrong data can adversely affect the publisher’s decisions. Their reports are transparent and accurate. 

What is PubGuru?

PubGuru is MonetizeMore’s actionable ad platform that helps Ad Ops teams manage the ad networks’ performance and daily operations. It is a comprehensive platform that provides everything in one place. Publishers don’t have to open half a dozen websites and accounts. 

From integrating with Google Ad Manager to generating reports with a couple of clicks, converting currencies in real-time, and scaling bids, PubGuru has everything publishers need to manage the ads on their sites. 

What is Traffic Cop? 

Ad fraud can ruin a publisher’s ad earnings in no time. Traffic Cop is a solution by MonetizeMore to monitor invalid traffic spikes and provide fraud reports to publishers. It is an award-winning technology that identifies invalid ad traffic and blocks it to prevent losses. 

The company has developed the feature using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to study the ad traffic and spot fake clicks. It helps publishers reduce traffic violations on their websites, thus ensuring that the publishers don’t get red flagged by Google’s algorithm. 

Publishers can get IVT analysis reports based on the data collected by Traffic Cop. The information will give publishers a clear idea of the fraudulent activities affecting their ad revenue. Traffic Cop empowers publishers to improve the quality of their ads and safeguard their ad earnings. 

Why use MonetizeMore?

Their team offers flexible plans, zero lock-ins, excellent tech support, and ease of use are some reasons why we recommend MonetizeMore to publishers. There are many more reasons to use MonetizeMore:

  • The company has a global team working 24*7 so that a publisher from any time zone can contact them for assistance. The team responds fast to provide the necessary help. 
  • Publishers who want to optimize the ad inventory can use the blog material and YouTube tutorials provided by MonetizeMore to create content. 
  • Every single feature and service by the company has been carefully crafted to adhere to Google’s policies. No more worrying about ad compliance. 

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  • Responsive customer support 
  • Transparent reporting 
  • Flexible plans and zero lock-in 
  • Easy onboarding process
  • Fast change adaptations 
  • Simple enough to use 
  • Great monetization returns 
  • Time-saving and stress-free 
  • Unique offers from the publishers 


  • Not suitable for small-size publishers and bloggers 

MonetizeMore Affiliate Program

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Final Words 

MonetizeMore is a reliable ad tech platform with access to premium advertising partners. Publishers can use its various solutions to optimize their website and mobile apps for better ad revenue generation. The platform is more suited for midsize and large publishers as it offers extensive customization services and sophisticated technology. 

That said, anyone can apply for a MonetizeMore plan with a minimum ad earning of $1,000 per month on their site and supercharge their revenue. It is the best option for expanding businesses to retain complete control over their websites or apps.