Yeesshh Review 2024 :- Pop-under, Popups, Redirect and Push notifications traffic (Updated)

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Pop and Push Traffic

Bloggers, marketers, content managers, and business owners are always looking for different ways to increase ad traffic and generate returns.

Bidding for ad keywords is a complex game that requires experience and skill. Both advertisers and publishers need high-quality ads and returns. While advertisers want more reach and clicks, publishers want to display the best quality ads to send quality traffic to advertisers.

Yeesshh makes this possible through its vast international network of pop-ups and push ads based on the CPM revenue model.

If you are a content blogger looking for AdSense alternatives than definitely try Yeesshh which is a CPM based DSP Ads network.

Let’s find out how Yeesshh has become a well-known ad network provider in the global market. 

What is Yeesshh?

Yeesshh is a Spanish company established in 2015 and owned by Foamball holdings that majorly focusses on pop-up and push ads solution for both advertisers and publishers. It offers services around the globe. The network is compatible with web and mobile apps and multiple devices. 

** Yeesshh accepts both adult and non-adult content websites.

Yeesshh For Advertisers (Buy Pop and Push Traffic)

Yeesshh For Advertisers

1.) Targeting and Traffic 

Yeesshh is expert in managing a volume game, 800 million users every day for targeting on desktop and mobile devices. It is easy to target the traffic based on various factors such as geo (based on pincode), operating system, device, browser, vertical, context, time frame, keyword.

2.) Bidding

Advertisers can track their bids live every 100 seconds and check the delivery as well. Also, monitor performance from one screen, one location.

3.) Auto Blocker

Yeesshh automatically blocks the non-converting sources so that you can only spend on the converting sources and use the budget wisely

Yeesshh For Publishers (Monetize Web and In-app Mobile Traffic)

Yeesshh For Publishers
  1. Fastest Ad delivery. Best for XML publishers.
  2. No downtime, can handle heavy load.
  3. Competitive Bids.
  4. 1K offers available across 15 categories on 36 geos.
  5. No hidden charges.
  6. Publishers have control over the ad content displayed on their websites. Yeesshh sends offers to publishers based on their preferences. This ensures that quality is maintained and increases the bids for publishers with a higher rank. 

Reasons to Use Yeesshh 

What makes Yeesshh a reliable high-paying ad network on the international level?

Why should you choose Yeesshh to build an ad network for your business? 

➢ Unlike other service providers, Yeesshh caters to both parties equally. It’s a place where publishers and advertisers can use ads to achieve their campaign goals. 

➢ Advertisers can bid for publishers to showcase their ads. It helps advertisers get more traffic and allows publishers to share quality ads and monetize the website. A win-win situation for both.

➢ Yeesshh has strict eligibility criteria for customers to join the ad network. This is done to ensure that the quality of the network is maintained. The company doesn’t accept websites with free hosting or domain or websites that rank lower than 100k on Alexa. 

➢ The service provider keeps things simple and hassle-free. You can sign up by filling out the registration form and submitting it. The approval time is quick so that you can start planning the campaigns as soon as possible. 

➢ The company offers four payment options for publishers which are PayPal, Credit card( 3DS), Bitcoin and Bank Wire.Those looking to convert returns into cryptocurrency can use Yeesshh to get their earnings directly in Bitcoin. 

➢ The minimum up for advertisers is around $150, making Yeesshh a good player in the global market.

Yeesshh Ad Formats

Yeesshh offers five types of ad formats for publishers

  • Direct link ads 
  • Pop up ads 
  • Pop-under ads 
  • New tab ads
  • Interstitial ads 

Publishers can pick an ad format that best suits the website and their plans for monetization. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Offers various types of pop-up ads 
  • Provides real-time stats and updates
  • Reliable customer support 
  • Get traffic from around the world 
  • Noteworthy CPM rate 
  • Fast approvals 


  • No referral program for publishers

Yeesshh Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM
Ad Formats:Pop-Up Ads, Pop-Under Ad
Minimum Payout:$5
Payment Frequency:Net 30
Payment Methods:PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit (US)
Referral Program:No
Website URL:

Final Words 

Yeesshh is definitely the best marketplace for advertisers while for publishers sign-up process is easy (plug Yeesshh and start earning huge). The company understands that traffic is the most vital element for successful digital marketing and visibility.

Real-time stats are a highlight of the company. It aims to generate more traffic for websites and promotes ad-based marketing to achieve the results. Yeesshh has a friendly customer support team to help the clients. 

Let us know your experience monetizing using Yeesshh.