Clixtell Review – Click Fraud Protection Tool | (Stop PPC Click Fraud)

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Businesses tend to suffer staggering amounts of loss owing to click fraud on online advertisements. Digital marketing strategies like Pay-Per-Click ads run on specific budgets set by the marketer. But often the PPC campaigns fail to reach their full potential due to fake and fraudulent clicks. They do not amount to any lead generation and cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Clixtell is an effective click fraud protection software that prevents companies from suffering heavy losses because of fraud clicks. 

Ensure authentic leads only with Clixtell – Click Fraud Protection 

According to a study by Power Traffic, at least 20% of all pay-per-click ads are of fraudulent nature and cost nearly $60 billion per year to the sellers. Another report by the University of Baltimore projects that click fraud across all PPC and social media adverts can rise to $23.7 billion by the end of 2020. These statistics are enough to emphasize the importance of powerful click fraud protection systems like Clixtell. 

Online advertisements are fake clicked by multiple entities on the internet. Competitors, click farms and click bots are the biggest enemies of a well-planned investment in a PPC campaign. Clixtell has advanced click fraud detection and protection abilities in-built which filters out such fake click percentages. Businesses are left with only genuine and organic clicks on their paid advertisements while staying well within their ad budgets. 

Benefits of Clixtell as your Click Fraud Protector 

Clixtell is a trustworthy and impactful click fraud protection software that serves businesses with PPC ads on Google and Bing search engines. The application is quick to detect and stop fraudulent click ads coming your way before they can dilute the profit percentage of the campaign. Some of the best advantages that Clixtell comes with are – 

  • 24/7 automated service – Clixtell protects your campaign around the clock with constant monitoring and tracking. Any suspicious and fraudulent activities are detected and immediately blocked before it can have any effect on your traffic and PPC costs. 
  • Conversion Intelligence – Clixtell has a feature called Conversion Intelligence which allows businesses to track all genuine lead conversions once the fake leads are filtered out. 
  • Recorded Insight – Clixtell provides a website screen recording feature with which visitor activity on the website can be tracked. From mouse movements to clicks to dwell time on pages – every insight can be gathered for future business analysis. 
  • Call recording – For the click-to-call CTAs, Clixtell provides an exclusive feature for recording, measuring, and tracking phone calls. There are a number of toll-free numbers that marketers can choose from with Clixtell. 
  • Multi-platform integration – Clixtell can be integrated with all web hosting and eCommerce platforms on the internet. WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Google Sites, Yola, Squarespace, Webs, and Pagewiz – each one is covered by Clixtell. 

How does Clixtell protect against click fraud consistently?

Step 1: To avail the services of Clixtell, users have to sign up with an email ID where they will receive a mail from Clixtell with a username and password. 

Step 2: After that, one simply has to follow the instructions on the welcome wizard and integrate the software with Google Ads account. 

Step 3: Users have to insert a tracking code to the JavaScript of the website. Alternatively, they can the WordPress login for the same purpose. 

Step 4: The security profile on the Clixtell accounts needs to be set up and you will be all protected from fraud clicks by the software’s excellent features. 

Step 5: Clixtell starts tracking and monitoring every move towards your ad campaign with comb-like precision. Every time your ad is clicked on, the software analyzes the IP address, device ID, internet service providers, VPN and proxy providers, keywords searched, geo-location, and several other factors to determine the nature of the click with advanced machine learning. It takes less than a fraction of a second for Clixtell to conclude and block any click with malicious intent. 

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Save on your PPC budget with Clixtell 

Clixtell provides click fraud detection and protection in three different packages – basic, standard, and agency. The facilities only increase with the price of the package and give a complete ROI for the marketer. 

If you want to make the most of your PPC campaign, integrating Clixtell with your accounts is a must-do!

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