Contact Transfer Review:- Transfer Contacts between Android, Iphone & PC

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Many iPhone users are often hesitant to switch to Android and vice versa. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of data transferability options between those two Operating Systems. When Android users get a new Android phone, the OS allows users to seamlessly transfer all data (contacts, images, etc.) to the new phone. The same goes for iPhone users who get new versions of the phone every year. An iPhone user cannot transfer contacts to an Android device and vice versa. Contact Transfer by Wide Angle Software aims to resolve this problem.

Understanding the Data Transfer Problem

Contact information is a very important and private data. When users lose their phones or when their phones’ die’, automatic contact transfers help them get back on track.

The only options were to upload contacts to private cloud services. But, these providers are entirely trustworthy or users had to manually transfer their contacts between the two different platforms. Both of these options are impractical and not error-free. Wide Angle Software’s newly released Contact Transfer app offers users a safer, faster, and more efficient way of transferring contacts between iPhone, Android, and PC devices.

What Is Contact Transfer Tool ?

  • Contact Transfer  is a Windows 10 application. Users can directly download the software from Wide Angle Software website.
  • Product Category – Data Management app that helps users transfer contacts.
  • Demo – Demo version of the Contact Transfer is available for free. Users can check out the demo to explore this newly launched app’s key features. Only five contacts can be transferred using the demo version.
  • Cost – To obtain a full license for Contact Transfer, users have to make a one-time payment of $15. There’s no subscription model.
  • Type – Single-user license; premium accounts will only work on one PC device. Users can access all features of Contact Transfer after they pay $15.
  • Customer Support – The Contact Transfer license comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. All customer support outlets of Wide Angle Software are free and available 24×7. 

Key Features of Contact Transfer

  1. UI – The user Interface of contact transfer is very simple and easy to understand. Even though some features are super-advanced, users will get used to Contact Transfer within a few hours of use. Users can also check out tutorial videos on Wide Angle Software’s website.

2. Ease of Use – The contact transfer process on the software is very easy and can be executed following these simple steps –

  • Download and Install the Contact Transfer software on a Windows computer
  • Download the Contact Transfer app on your Android Phone from the Play Store.  
  • Both the devices (PC and Android phones) need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Users transferring contacts from iPhones must have the have iTunes program installed on their computers.
  • Launch the Contact Transfer software on the Windows PC. Register “Android” as the Source and “iOS device” as the destination (or vice versa).
  • Before clicking the ‘Continue’ button, connect the iPhone to the Windows PC using a USB cable.(Connecting Source & Destination)

  • Now, on the Android Phone’s Contact Transfer app, click on the “Scan Contact Transfer QR Codes” option.
  • Use the in-built QR scanner in the Android device to scan the QR code generated by the Contact Transfer software on the PC.
  • Assess the list of iPhone/Android contacts on the PC. Click ‘All’ or select the ones that need to be transferred to or from the Android device.

  • Press the “Transfer” button to launch the contact transfer process. All contacts will be transferred within seconds.


All contact transfers on the software are completely secure since they are executed locally on the users’ PCs. No third-party entity or cloud services receive this information.

Other Options

On the Contact Transfer app, users can also create, edit, or delete multiple contacts before saving them to their Android/iPhone devices.



To use the Contact Transfer app, users need –

  • A USB cable to connect iPhones with Windows PCs
  • iTunes software
  • A local and secure Wi-Fi network

Our Testing

Wide Angle software marketing team send us the license to test the software. We successfully transferred the contacts between Android, Iphone, PC using this powerful too hence we are happy to recommend any one who are looking to copy contacts between devices.

Is the App Trustworthy?

Yes, Contact Transfer is completely trustworthy because it comes from the reputable developers Wide Angle Software, who have over 14-years of experience in creating high-quality apps for all platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows). The company specializes in data transfer and file management tools. No one from the company’s extensive base of customers has ever raised concerns regarding security, etc.

Pros and Cons of Contact Transfer


  • No online syncing necessary.
  • The efficient performance, no troubleshooting issues.
  • Easy to download, install, and activate.
  • Add, edit, or delete phone contacts with ease
  • User-friendly interface


  • Not free, demo version only offers limited features.

Technical Specifications

Windows PC Requirments

  • OS: Windows 10
  • While installing contact transfer, the system will detect Microsoft.Net Framework 4 which you need to install
  • Must have iTunes version 10 or above if are using an Iphone and make sure you establish a proper connection

Android Device Requirments

  • Android 4.4 Kitkat
  • Download the Contact Transfer app from Google Play Store
  • Both your Android device & PC must be connected to the same wifi network

Iphone Requirments

  • Compatible with all iPhone Models
  • Connect your iPhone with PC to use Contact Transfer app

Final Conclusion

Overall, the kind of functions Contact Transfer offers, it is a great purchase for mobile users who have to constantly shift private contact data from device to another.