Google’s In App Predictive Back feature on Android 14

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Predictive Back feature

To improve the user experience, Google added a new feature to the Gmail app users on Android devices offering a preview of the home screen if you perform the back gesture. Extremely important feature to prevent accidental app exits.

How Predictive Back feature works?

Google always adding new features to it’s products to stay productive. Smartphone users have experience the frustration of accidentally swiping back and closing an email while working on Gmail. When user reading the email and try to back swipe to exit an email then this new feature will be active and subtly shrink the email window to a smaller size instead of closing it entirely. A split-second window will appear to realize your mistake and tap on the minimized email to return preventing accidental closure.

Step by Step Guide to use Predictive Back feature

Step 1.) Please make sure you have the latest version of the Gmail app open, if not then please download from Google Play Store
Step 2.) Now go to Gmail App and open any email
Step 3.) To exit from the Gmail app, swipe back either the left or right edge of your screen
Step 4.) Now a gesture app will appear which help you to decide if you want to exit, just confirm the action and close the app.

Google team has been developing this feature since 2022 and as per the current reports it’s finally rolling to the users using the latest version of the Gmail app (Version 2024.03.03) however it’s too early to say how long will it take to reach all Gmail users on Android 14 but this slow roll out initially to track and fix bugs if any.

You will soon enjoy this new feature if you are using Android 14. The Predictive Back feature is also available on Google Calendar with daily and monthly overviews.

For developers, to know more about the Predictive back feature here’s the link –

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