Did you know? Your Gmail will become dynamic on July 2, 2019 – TechPcVipers

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Recently Google had announced that the “Dynamic Feature” is going to be available for all of the users from 2nd July. This feature of “Dynamic email” is presently available to only G-suite users and is going to be now available for all of the users by default from this date. If needed, this feature can also be disabled through the Google Admin console as well.

According to Google, with the assistance of dynamic email, the Gmail users are going to be able to perform numerous tasks without switching to a different tab or leaving an email thread. This can include responding to an event invite, the filling of the questionnaire and then browsing through the catalog for giving a response to a comment in the shared document. The specific feature also allows the external service provider for allowing the users for filling the forms and more can be done in the email itself with the use of AMP in Gmail.

This also means that you will not have to leave the Gmail account for completing the task and booking a ticket for an event.  Surely this also conveys that Google will be approving the third party service providers before they will be allowed for running the features that have been mentioned in Gmail.

It has been also reported that Google has started to clear the developers one at a time for security and privacy. Some of the companies that have been approved are Doodle, OYO, RedBus, Pinterest and Despeger. It is expected that in the near future a lot more companies will be added as well. This feature will be available currently only for the web users but smartphone users will be receiving an update on a date that is yet to be specified.