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Paytm has a new look now along with a new user experience, which is now more personalized, more intuitive, better from the last time.

The new Paytm Mobile Banking App helps customers to check their balances, raise requests for physical debit cards and access digital debit cards as well

Home Screen

The home section is more personalized now with the categories relevant to your search will be upfront. Any service which you have used earlier will be placed more prominently so that it’s easier for you to use it next time. All other services will be under the view all button which will help you navigate faster on the screen.

After using any service it will be placed in the front so that with a quick one touch you can use it again.

The Money Transfer

This is now simpler and faster. You can send money from any bank to any bank with 0% fees. Now you can add beneficiaries which makes repeat payments faster.

Now you can send money to any bank account, UPI address, Aadhar to any mobile directly.

New Passbook

 The passbook which contains your transaction history and details have been given a new look to give you all the relevant info at a glance along with the summaries of all your accounts in the bank.

Your profile

This has also been given a dynamic look with the most used items placed upfront. The QR code is better now you can send money with it or add someone in your contacts and start a chat. The scanner has also got an upgrade with the recent contact being displayed upfront for making payments.

24/7 customer support is available and App is available for Android & IOS users.

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