GhostVolt Encryption Tool: A Good Ghost is Here to Secure Everything – Identity, Privacy, Data

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A lack of data security can have a major negative impact on your company. In today’s globalized economy, hacking and other cyber attacks are an unfortunate reality. When the loss of sensitive company information can pose a critical risk to your business, it is essential to have a data security strategy in place. Data security is as important as physical security. The world is increasingly reliant on data and the internet, with most people spending more time on digital devices than they do in contact with physical objects. This has created a new problem: how to secure all that data and ensure it stays safe and sound? This article will discuss some of the benefits of using data securing software for your company’s security needs.

Cybersecurity is the New Battleground Section

Cybercriminals are always looking for innovative ways to attack your digital life. The breach, steal data, and corrupt programs to make you vulnerable. To prevent this from happening, you need security software to protect your data from these threats. You don’t have time to research the best one for your computer. You need a fast solution that is tailored for you and provides a solid level of protection. Here are some benefits that a data securing software can offer. 

What is GhostVolt – Importance and Benefits

getting Started

What is GhostVolt? We know you’ve heard about electronic ghosts. They hear your voice, see your screen, and even read your lips. If they feel like it, they can do anything to you—even steal your identity. It’s not a ghost story; it’s real life. It happens to people just like you. GhostVolt Protect You and Your Data is the tool that will protect your privacy by preventing identity theft and data loss. With its secure file sharing, collaboration, and encryption capabilities, GhostVolt will help you work securely just like you would on Windows Explorer–but without the fear of unwanted access to your files or data being stolen by hackers or ransomware blackmailers. Meet regulatory compliance for international standards with our asset

It’s a data security platform that protects your privacy by blocking hackers, and securing data transfers. It just works behind the scenes to keep your data safe. And it’s available for use on Windows PCs and Macs. GhostVolt Protect You and Your Data is an integrated solution that offers you the convenience of securing your files, data, identity, and privacy all in one place. GhostVolt provides a suite of features to secure data, prevent identity theft, stop ransomware blackmail, and more. The system works seamlessly with Windows Explorer to encrypt your files, and data-so it’s just like you’re working with them on your computer. And if someone tries to take your data without your permission? GhostVolt Protect You and Your Data will stop them dead in their tracks.

How to select the best data securing software for your company?

Data security is an essential aspect of any IT system. It is the act of safeguarding information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction so that data can be preserved for the future. Data securing software comes in many forms and levels of complexity. To find the best one for your business, you should consider the size of your company and your budget. 

GhostVolt Provides three solutions according to your needs:

i)  GhostVolt Start  

It is an entry-level version that is free for all with basic security features. If you are an individual and want to use online features and do not have lots of sensitive data, then it is the most suitable for you. It is portable and requires no installer. It encrypts files with 256bit encryption. It is easy to use with just drag and drop function. It secures files and guards against identity theft.

ii)  GhostVolt Solo ($40/Year)

It is for a single user. It secures your files and protects your privacy with ultra-secure, automated encryption. It provides 30 days’ trials without a credit card or signup. In addition to GhostVolt start, it gives ransomware blackmail protection. It works like windows explorer but securely. Protects your privacy and prevents identity theft

iii)  GhostVolt Business ($250/Year)

In addition to GhostVolt Solo features, it provides innovative encryption built for teamwork. Set up encrypted shared team folders and decide who can manage, add, edit or view your data with advanced user permissions, reporting and asset tracking. User roles and management, comments and file tagging. Provides secure sharing and OneDrive integration.


It works in Multilanguage such as English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. It also provides a free trial for 30 days without a credit card or signup.

GhostVolt Features 

GhostVolt specialises in secure document storage, compliance and collaboration for teams of any size ranging from mega-corps right down to individual teams of one. GhostVolt have several encryption products to suit everyone, from basic drag-and-drop file encryption to real-time secure file collaboration for your business.


  • Protects your privacy
  • Prevents Identity and Data theft
  • Ransomware blackmail protection
  • Automatically secure your files and data
  • Secure file sharing and collaboration
Secure file sharing
  • Its like secure Windows Explorer
  • Stops unwanted access to your files
  • Secure sharing and OneDrive integration
  • User roles and management
  • User comments and file tagging
User comment
  • Meet regulatory compliance and legislation
  • Asset restrictions with tracking
  • Auditing, reports, files and history
Auditing, reports, files, history
  • Seamless and proven data encryption
  • Speak your language

GhostVolt System Requirments

Windows – 10,8,7, Server 2012+

➢ Processor Speed – 2 Ghz or higher

RAM – 4GB or higher

Microsoft.NET – 4.7.1 or higher

Network speed– 100Mbps minimum

Internet Speed – Download Speed of 4Mbps and upload speed of 2Mbps

Final Conclusion 

There are many ways to start securing your data, but one of the easiest and most efficient ways is using a Data Securing Software. A software like GhostVolt will protect your data by encrypting everything you store on your device, ensuring that nobody can access it without the correct password or key. 

A free or 30 days trial version does not require credit card information even does not require sign up. It is itself proof of how serious they are about privacy and protection. You are not sharing any of your information on the GhostVolt site, not even your email. So, if you are serious about your privacy and security, then GhostVolt is definitely for you. 

They receive all major credit and debit cards, wire transfers or PayPal.

Try GhostVolt and let us know your thoughts.