5 Best Email Security Solutions in 2023 (Review & Compare)

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Email security essentially means securing and protecting email accounts, content, and communications with a series of techniques and procedures against uncertified access to and loss of private information. 

Since email is an open and accessible communication tool in organizations, it is highly susceptible to attacks. If a business’s email security system is compromised, attackers can take advantage of the lack of a security system in place and carry out malicious attacks. 

Read on to understand the importance of email security in your organization and why you should take it seriously!

Why should Email Security be taken seriously?

There’s not one, but multiple ways through which attackers can cause problems to your email. I’ve listed down a few. 

  • Malware and phishing attacks
  • Sophisticated target attacks
  • Spam campaigns
  • Business Email Compromise 

You may ask what email phishing is. Well, phishing is a cybercrime where attackers use an open medium of communication like emails, phone calls, SMS, etc., to appropriate the target’s personal information such as banking details, account passwords, and more. 

Above this, phishers also steal the personal identifiable information of a person and may use this information in identity theft and capital loss. Lucrative offers and eye-catching statements and promises are too good to lure people into it. 

Phishers use different tactics to make people land on the page where they want to. Some of these tactics include using hyperlinks, attachments, creative and lucrative copies, among others.

Coming back to email security, note that email is an open format communication tool. And as most businesses use emails to communicate and send and receive confidential sensitive information, attackers target emails to steal business specific sensitive information. 

When intercepted, the attacker could read all the sensitive information in no time. Therefore, over the recent past, companies have invested their time and money on strengthening their email security system. 

Companies have established baseline policies for email handling and the most notable of them is to use the company’s server to view the contents of the email. Over these basic security policies, various other top-notch security policies are enacted to ensure double safety on emails.

Top 5 Email Security Solutions in 2023

Moving on to the solution for this problem, I’ve listed down the 5 best email security solutions any organization must be using in 2023. These email security solutions are hand-picked with intense research and every one of these solutions serves a purpose or the other. Read on to find the security solution that best fits your business needs. 

1. Barracuda Email Security Gateway

Barracuda Email Security Gateway

Barracuda Email Security Gateway is the most secure email gateway software for businesses. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is an email security solution that controls and filters all the inbound and outbound emails and protects organizations from email threats, spams, and data leaks.

It promises to be a complete email management solution for organizations and offers the ability to send emails to an intermediate store when email servers are down or unavailable. 

Some of the top features of Barracuda Email Security Gateway are as follows.

  • Pre-filter emails before delivery to the security gateway and further carry out inbound security checks and outbound cleaning
  • Spool emails for up top 96 hours with the Cloud Protection Layer bundled with the security gateway at no additional cost
  • Powerful encryption technology to protect sensitive data 
  • Outbound filtering and quarantine abilities to certify that every outbound email falls in with DLP policies
  • Cloud-based centralized management to simplify email security

2. NeoCertified Secure Email

NeoCertified Secure Email

Email security solutions in 2021 without an effective email encryption tool would be an injustice to the list. Thus, NeoCertified Secure Email makes it to our list of the top email encryption software. 

NeoCertified’s Secure Email API allows businesses to access their best in class secure email services right from the business apps. With NeoCertified integrated into the business app, it makes sending and receiving secure emails easier. 

Now let me walk you through the reasons it is  named a top email encryption tool. 

  • Simple implementation by directly implementing into the business software right from the app that holds non-public information
  • Cloud-based secure portal enables you to monitor and report all secure emails from the application
  • Encrypted email API integration utilizing federally-compliant encryption processes 

NeoCertified API is compliant with these regulations: SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FCRA. 

These regulations ensure the smooth functioning of companies and protect them from lawsuits. The regulations set expectations from organizations and states the outcomes if the rules are violated. 

For instance, in the United States, NERC CIP compliance is mandated for all the Bulk Electric System (BES) suppliers in the eight provinces of Canada, all the continental United States, and one Mexcian state. NERC is a federal body overseeing the Bulk Electric System for the entire North America. 

3. SpamTitan Email Security

SpamTitan Email Security

Besides being a top class cloud email security software, SpamTitan Email Security solution brings a lot more to the table. What’s that lot more? Take a look!

  • Spam blocker
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-phishing
  • Protection from other emails threats

And if your organization uses the Microsoft Office suite of apps, then SpamTitan is just the right tool for you because it is Office 365 friendly. 

Following are some of the most important features SpamTitan offers with its email security solution package. 

  • Email protection by blocking spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails
  • Easy to set up and manage security system with immediate results
  • Double anti-virus protection to double the spam blocking
  • Allows whitelisting and blacklisting, recipient verification, advanced reporting, and outbound scanning of email.
  • Additional protection layer for Office 365 through defence in depth approach
  • Powerful data leak prevention rules to prevent internal data loss

4. Proofpoint Email Security and Protection

Proofpoint Email Security and Protection

Also known as the industry-leading email gateway, Proofpoint Email Protection can be deployed as a cloud-service or on premises. Not only does Proofpoint block spams and viruses, but also detects and blocks threats that don’t carry malicious loads. 

But why does Proofpoint stand out from all other email gateways? Well, its Advanced BEC Defense acts as a guard against the non-malicious threats making it a reliable topol to block out attackers trying to invade in a nice way. 

Take a look at the top features provided by Proofpoint.

  • Phishing, imposter, and email fraud protection using Advanced BEC Defense technology
  • Reputation and content analysis inclusive multi-layered detection to defend against constantly evolving threats
  • Add suspicious email tag to caution your end users of uncertain emails
  • Locate hard-to-find log data with Smart Search’s search criteria
  • Granular email filtering to identify graymails like newsletters, subscriptions, bulk mails, etc. 

5. Avanan

Founded in 2016 Avanan is the fastest growing email security company that deploy in seconds to give you 100% protection from cyberattacks. It’s multi-layer security system protects any organization from online threats such as phishing scam, malware and offering full suite protection for cloud collaboration solutions such as Office 365, G-suite, Team and Slack.

Summing up!

Email security is a rising concern in today’s business environment. If not taken seriously, businesses might risk their sensitive information being stolen and other more harmful consequences. 

Businesses operating in 2023 should consider a secure email gateway to add an extra layer to their email security system. With the above email security solutions, you can up your security game and ensure a trouble-free functioning of your organization.