Everything you need to know about AVIF and how to use it in converting

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The most common data type on the internet seems to be imaged. People value high-quality pictures, so it’s vital to maintain the quality of your images yet not cause inconvenience because of their large size.

In this article, I will discuss its features and advantages, as well as why users must begin utilizing AVIF. I’ll additionally demonstrate how to convert your AVIF files to other file types.

What are the AVIF image formats?

AV1 file type (or the AVIF) is an innovative, open-source picture format that supports all graphic codecs. A picture in AVIF format has a much smaller file size than a JPEG or PNG, and WebP is presently compatible with Chrome, Mozilla, including Android.

AOMedia or The Alliance for Open Media, in conjunction with companies like Google or Cisco, as well as Xiph.org, established the AVIF still image file format by extracting every keyframe from the AV1 media file. The AVIF was created by AOM, intending to offer a royalty-free photo with much greater compression effectiveness but also features excellent support than the current image file formats. Companies such as Google, Netflix, including Apple are currently AVIF’s corporate supporters.

The AVIF format is a tremendously fascinating breakthrough having the possibility to be extensively accepted since the traditional JPEG has been out there for generations, and it is time for a fresh, cutting-edge substitute.

HDR or High-dynamic-range shooting is functional using AVIF, just like its predecessors (such as the WebP, the JPEG-XR, the JPEG2000, PNGs, and GIFs). It produces pictures up to ten times smaller than those produced by other types since it provides 10- to 12-bit colors with full quality.

Many Web developers should consider using the AVIF file type because:

  • Because AVIF is royalty-free, anyone could use them without paying for a license.
  • Many influential companies, such as Google and Netflix, and more. are supporting it
  • AVIF has the best possible compression.
  • It is integrated with much more advanced features like transparencies, the HDR, a broad color spectrum, and others.

Why do we need to convert AVIF to jpg/png?

Every file of yours in AVIF format is ten times more compressed than files in a JPEG format while maintaining the same quality of your images. The AVIF also supports a Standard Dynamic Range (SDR), a High Dynamic Range (HDR), as well as Wide Colors Gamut pictures (WCG). AVIF can also both save image files and picture series. The AVIF is a file/format that conforms to HEIF.

Another thing is that AVIF also supports files in animations, interactive or live photographs, and much more by storing multilayered pictures in frame-by-frame sequences. AVIF provides enhanced flexibility for visual elements, brand logos, and even graphic charts, while JPEG contains restrictions. AVIF offers more efficient lossless compression compared to JPEG.

On the downside, when using Mac and Windows, AVIF files cannot be viewed by your default picture viewer.

How to convert AVIF to jpg/png

1. AVIF2JPG, Convert AVIF to JPG without uploading 


The website of AVIF2JPG allows users to convert hundreds of AVIF photos to JPEG/PNG without adding a single image. AVIF into JPG Conversion online supports Windows and Mac. Converter AVIF into JPG/JPEG/PNG format. One hundred percent free, and no upload is required to secure your picture files!

  • Drag images into the website or choose them off your device
  • Click “into jpg” or perhaps, select any other file format you 
  • Then after that, you can now download your newly converted file.

2. CloudConvert

Cloud Converter is compatible with iOS as well as the web. To add the CloudConverter to your Chrome, download it using the Chrome official Web Store. Next, using Google Drive within your search engine, you may right-click and select “Open using…” followed by “CloudConvert.” After allowing CloudConverter access to your account, you may choose where to store your new converted AVIF item and modify its final settings.

3. AVIF Converter Mac

AVIF Converter on Mac

This AVIF Converter Mac is a clean and direct program that can convert your AVIF files to standard JPG or PNG formats. Or vice versa (PNG to AVIF). This also permits the conversion of JPG or PNG into AVIF format.

  • Utilizing AVIF Converter is relatively easy.
  • Select AVIF to PNG or even AVIF into JPG files, or vice versa, JPG to AVIF.
  • Drag your AVIF photos or files into their application.
  • Choose “Convert file” and then choose a location on your pc.
  • Then wait for your file to be downloaded automatically.


AVIF is a game-changing picture format that truly provides ease for our file converting agendas. Due to its favorable characteristics, it is expected that it will eventually have complete platform support.

In contrast with Google’s WebP picture format, which required Apple an entire decade to embrace, AVIF has swiftly garnered Apple’s attention to the point that they’ve been contributing to the development.