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Data privacy is a hot topic for a while now. Everything we do on the internet is being tracked, stored, and exploited for commercial benefit. Brands know which websites you visit, which ads you see, and which products you like. Giant corporations use this data to build user profiles and improve their machine learning algorithms. In short, your online privacy is compromised to help brands earn more money by manipulating what you see. 

Going incognito won’t solve the problem. Proxy servers and VPN help to hide your identity and keep your online presence anonymous. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that hides your IP by routing your internet movement through a virtual IP. This will prevent your sensitive information from being accessed by brands. 

Datacappy is a VPN service provider that believes in safeguarding your online privacy in the best possible manner. The company uses a combination of security tools to ensure that your online identity remains anonymous and your data cannot be collected from profiling. 

DataCappy VPN

About Datacappy

Datacappy belongs to independent developers who are worried about the increasing intervention of giants in personal lives. In the name of customized and personalized services, brands are using your online data to build your profile and influence your decisions. 

Datacappy has been one of the first companies to realize the power of combining VPN and ad-blocking browser. The company has a firm privacy policy and adheres to it at all times. In fact, when you download Datacappy to use the VPN, you don’t even have to share your email id or create an account. 

Features of Datacappy App 

There are several VPN service providers in the market. What makes this company stand out?

➢ Open the Datacappy browser with just one tap. You can combine VPN and the browser for extra security. Change the settings to increase privacy right from the browser. 


➢ The company uses Wireguard® protocol for the high-speed VPN connection. Why compromise on speed for data security when you can have both? WireGuard is a free, open-source communication protocol that implements encrypted VPN for faster, better, and secure internet connection. 

➢ You can try the app for free until the first 100 MB of data. The company provides you with the same server locations as the ones offered to premium users.

➢ You can use the 100 MB of data whenever or however you want. There are no time restrictions. It can be five minutes or five days. 

The premium version offers additional features such as:-

✓ Unlimited Browsing It’s your internet, your data. Browse as much as you want without compromising on data privacy. 

Complete Access- Use any server location for the list. The company doesn’t put any restrictions on you. Not just that, you also have access to new locations. These are first released to premium users. 

Select Location

✓ On-Demand Usage- You can set up auto VPN coverage anytime and anywhere. You can use it with both Wi-fi and mobile data. 

✓ Adjust Privacy Settings Choose what you want to block and allow when browsing on the internet. Be it ads, trackers, images, third-party cookies, or more, block what you don’t want. 

Operating System- Datacappy VPN can be used on several devices. The app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and macOS devices. 

Device Specifications

  • Android 7.0 or higher version 
  • iOS 12.0 or higher for iPhone
  • iPadOS 12.0 or higher for iPad 
  • iOS 12.0 or higher for iPod 
  • macOS 10.14 pr higher for Mac 

Datacappy Pricing 

The company has a simple price plan to offer to the users. The premium services are available for $4.99/ month. You can opt for the annual plan and pay $49.99 per year. In other words, you pay for 10 months and use the services for 12 months. Cool, right? 

Datacappy   | Mac App Store | Free  

Final Conclusion 

Don’t let your data privacy be compromised for big brands to make profits. Keep your identity safe and browse as much as you want. You and your family can have the ultimate safe browsing experience by using Datacappy VPN services. Our team has been using the app for a while now and is fully happy with the services. Download the app today and protect your online privacy.