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VPN is a Virtual Private Network that hides your online presence and routes your internet connection through a secure virtual network. Many people use VPN to prevent websites from collecting cookies, placing ads, following their digital activity. VPN also allows you to access restricted websites and watch shows or movies exclusive to other countries. 

A report by says that there are as many as 142 million VPN users only in the US. Now imagine how many would be there across the globe. Security and privacy are the two main reasons why people use VPN. That said, some organizations have made it mandatory for employees to use VPN while browsing so that their company details will be protected. VPN is also used by companies for scraping websites for information to help plan effective digital marketing campaigns. 

While several platforms offer VPN services, iTop VPN is one of the well-known service providers for offering fast and free VPN for Windows. The platform prides itself on providing military-grade protection to users through its VPN services. Softpedia has rated iTop VPN 4.5 stars for its features and services. 

Features of iTop VPN 

  • The company offers different network solutions to suit all kinds of browsing needs. HTTPS, UDP, TCP, or auto- choose the one that’s most suitable for you. TCP offers the highest level of protection by preventing exposure to hackers, data theft, advertising, and more. 
  • The best free VPN for Windows allows you to unblock content with restricted access and stream videos without any lag. Whether it is OTT platforms, social networking apps, or communication platforms, access them with just a click. 
  • The encryption offered by iTop VPN is of the highest level. You don’t have to worry about using public Wi-Fi any longer. Your network connection will be fully secure. 
  • Kill Switch is the best feature of iTop VPN. Whenever the VPN service stops working, all your internet networks will be blocked. This prevents your online presence from being exposed to the web. 

iTOP VPN Pricing Details 

iTop offers a VPN free account with 16 servers and browse for up to 700MB of data per day. This is perfect for individual users with moderate data usage. 

The paid plan costs $11.99 per month. You can opt for a 6-month billing cycle and pay $41.99 at $6.99 per month. Do you want more discount?

Try the annual billing plan, where you have to pay only $2.31 per month. The total amount is $55.44 for one year plus another extra year. Yes!  

The paid plans allow you to choose from 1800+ servers from across the world with unlimited bandwidth and data, 10x Faster connection, Extra browser privacy, streaming, gaming and social VIP servers, Block ads, trackers & malware.

iTOP VPN Black Friday Deal (79% off)

iTop VPN Black Friday Deal

Remain anonymous for full 3 years in 2-year pricing

  1st Year Plan 70% off – $47.99 (Actual Price – $159.96)    2nd Year Plan 79% off – $59.99 (Actual Price – $287.76) – Extra 1 Year VIP Plan as a Black Friday Gift  

  • 10x faster internet speed
  • Unlimited daily data usage
  • 1800+ servers worldwide

Final Conclusion 

iTop VPN is a reliable, free, fast, and secure VPN provider for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. From blocking ads to killing the network in case of an intrusion, the platform ensures that your online presence is secure at all times. 

Our team has been using iTop VPN for some time, and we are happy to report that the speed is great. It’s easy to jump from one server to another and continue browsing without any glitches. Streaming is just as good and fast. iTop VPN is worth the price.