Cyber Monday 2018 – What, When & Why? Cyber Monday Deals

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Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday 2018 –What, When & Why it is Celebrated?

Cyber Monday is the shopping holiday that falls on Monday following the Thanksgiving Day. It is the day where retailers give huge discounts to the online shoppers. Thus, millions of shoppers come out and shop today just in an attempt of getting the top deals or to get the best gift for the holiday shopping Season. Even though it was thought once as the strictly holiday in America, it is celebrated all across the world.

What’s Cyber Monday?

Unlike Black Friday that evolved from the US, it’s the online sale in the UK, thus name ‘cyber’. For a few, it is the last chance of getting the good bargain before all Black Friday discounts finally end. The Cyber Monday is one marketing invention, which was observed first in the year 2005 by retailer online And seen as Black Friday version online, Cyber Monday was made to allow the customers to shop on the internet from the comfort of their homes & offices without any hassle.

When’s Cyber Monday?

As the name suggests, it always happens on Monday following the Black Friday. And this year, Cyber Monday may fall on 26 November 2018 on Monday. The day just after Thanksgiving in America is considered to be a beginning of Christmas shopping season. Today, many retailers have got sales and give huge discounts for attracting their customers and making it the busiest and highest shopping days of a year. Thus, lots of people generally tend to be away from the stores to avoid huge crowds. Additionally, the Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest travel weekends of US when people from across the world travels to be with the families. This travel might mean that lots of customers will miss the Black Friday sales and deals. It’s thought that the Cyber Monday was made as the way to encourage these customers to go and shop without visiting the brick and mortar shops.

Best Cyber Monday Deals & Sales

Retailers come up with amazing deals and offer on various products of different categories many days and weeks ahead. It’s thought that a huge amount of shopping on the day is done during work hours. Thus, keeping it in mind, many retailers give some extra lunchtime sales and discounts to the customers.

Amazing deals for the Cyber Monday

Seeing there is a long way for you to go, and nothing is announced yet, judging by the earlier years, we are getting a bit adept at guessing what you can expect.

  •  Highly Discounted Deals on Laptop by Dell for UK Customers
  • Amazon may likely introduce huge discounts on own brand items, like Kindle, Alexa, or Fire tablets
  • Don’t take out the phone contract in the days before the Cyber Monday, as the prices may drop down massively
  • Rather than only tech offerings, lots of discounts on likes of home, parenting and beauty will appear
  • eBay may get in the action with competitive deals
  • Apple might get involved this year again- but do not expect huge discounts
  • Currys may likely run big discount event for some days that overlaps Black Friday & Cyber Monday

History of the day

It’s believed that word Cyber Monday was coined first by Senior Vice President of the National Retail Federation that was for holiday shopping season2005. The term was named because the research has shown that the biggest shopping days online of the holiday season was Monday just after Thanksgiving. This was theorized that the Americans will window shop on the Thanksgiving day and on following Monday, will hit Internet searching for the right products that they saw in brick and mortar shops and buying this at the discounted prices on internet. Whereas this shopping holiday actually originated in the United States, but it has spread all across the world. It is now celebrated not just in America but in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and South America.

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Final Thoughts

The current belief is Cyber Monday is now leading to a decline of the Black Friday as many consumers choose to do the shopping on the internet. It is either because of convenience or because rates are normally lower for the merchandise purchased on the internet.


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